Random Swap

A few weeks ago I shared what I received in the Random Swap.  What a fabulous package full of spoilage it was!  My partner has a bit of a geeky streak like myself and we seemed to really enjoy a lot of the same things.  This helps to craft since I can make things that I would like to receive and be happy to share them with others.

These are a few of the things that I sent to my partner in return.  A stenciled shirt with a logo that is a mash up of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

Next up another stenciled shirt, this time is the Doctor Who Logo.  I was lucky to find a shirt is a great "TARDIS Blue"

I also made her a Dalek Key Fob.I have quite a bit of this ribbon left so I think I may need to make myself some Dalek goodies.

A Chan Luu style beaded wrap bracelet.  You can find out how to make your own at Ice Cream When the Sky is Grey Once you get the hang of the stitch they whip up pretty quickly.

A fun spring time shrine using supplies I purchased from Retro Cafe Art Gallery



I have a few other things I sent that I can show off next week.


Manic Monday

I have been wanting to try to make some of my own Teesha Moore Style patches but haven't gotten around to it just yet.  Lucky for me I received some awesome ones in the Ongoing Wish Swap.

Along with Teesha Moore patches made into a fabulous and fun pouch I received in a personal swap.

Love both packages and cannot wait to try some of my own designs.


Manic Monday

Random Swap Part 2
Ta Da!  A felt Harry Potter Kindle Case

Lovely and wonderful crochet cap.  It's a bazillion degrees here though so this is getting put away until it cools off.  In you know maybe December/January!

OH EM GEE.  Do you see the tiny turtle??  I need a bale of mini turtles in all different colors if you please.  Also the cacti pin cushion.  It does not get cuter than this.  Well maybe the above photo, cause I think I am rather cute.

Finally my first mug rug!  Perfectly pink and happy!  


Foodie Friday-Bacon Pancakes

If you have a Pinterest account or Facebook page chances are you have seen a picture of these Bacon pancakes floating around.  I have been wanting to try them for about two years now.  This week we actually had some leftover bacon and I thought I would finally whip up a batch of these special pancakes and see how they are. 

No special recipe just pour out your batter, put your pre-cooked slice of bacon on top and cook like you would any old pancake. 

I didn't even reheat the bacon since it heated up and browned up even more while on the griddle.  Add some butter and syrup and you are on your way to yummy breakfast!
 Bacon, especially maple bacon really does make everything better!


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