I made this button pendant with buttons (obviously) and resin. It was sent off for the March birthday swap as a gift for a fellow crafster who has a birthday in March like me!


Earring Display

I finally made something for myself! All my earrings are usually jumbled up in my jewelry box. I tend to then forget which earrings I have and then forget to even wear them. This way all my earrings are organized and displayed nicely. The most wonderful thing about this is that it is completely customizable to your tastes.

I started with an 8X10 frame, a flat canvas and assorted ribbon.

Paint the canvas then use E6000 (orhot glue) to glue the ribbons of your choice around the frame. I found this the hardest part since you have to make them tight but not too tight. As you can see the top ribbon is perfect but the bottom one is too loose.

Next take the glass and such out of the frame and pop the canvas in.

Once everything is all dried start hanging your earrings!


Alice In Craftsterland

Ah Alice how I love thee. I loved the books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll and illustrated by John Tenneil. I loved the mash up of the two books brought to us by Disney and in the form of a star filled 80's TV movie. I love all the artwork that has been inspired by this fantastical world be it dark or whimsical. I haven't seen the Tim Burton version yet since I am not sure if it will live up to my expectations.
So of course when I saw an Alice themed swap I had to join up! Seemed like I had a ton of ideas swirling around in my head but after I made them all it didn't seem like enough. Thus far here is what I have come up with for my partner.

Three pairs of Alice themed earrings. The blue stars were just because and then we have the tea party and the keys.
This is a tiny Drink Me bottle to be used as a pendant.
This is a stenciled Alice tank top. Probably the most complicated stencil I have done yet. I love how it turned out and that it's different than the usual Aliced themed stencils I have seen.
These are painting the roses red hair clips. I didn't paint them fully red just like the roses in the book and movie.
Curious Cheshire Cat embroidered wall hanging.
Scrabble tile resin pendant using some of the original artwork from the books.
Charm bracelet. It has a tea bag, tea pot, red heart, crown, and of course Alice herself.
Last but not least is a painting the roses red cup holding red and white rose pens.
I have plans for a few more items, another pendant and some note cards. A few of the items are going to be hard to pack up and send away. Hoping that my partner enjoys all of her accesories as much as I enjoyed making them!


She's so crafty

I am doing a personal swap for my very own whimsy book! My partner's only request from me was some resin pieces and whatever else I could come up with. Well she likes zombies, so I made a small set of zombie inchies...
I have been wanting to make a suncatcher and these pink beads and giant pink glass bead caught my eye. If I had a window in which to hang one, I would make one for myself.

Here is one of the resin pendants I did. I used watercolors to give it an unconventional look. I am in love with watercolors lately.

She had a shrink plastic robot necklace on her wist. Mine doesn't look exactly the same as the wist (which is a good thing) but is still pretty darn cute. I only wish I had made the heart red to stand out a bit more.

Last but not least is an altered altoid tin to hold all the goodies. It's a felt appliqued monster. He started out as an embroider pattern but I thought he would look much cuter like this in all his felty glory! I think he is one of my favorite things I have done. I almost want to keep him all to myself but eh I suppose I can my another for myself. (as if I ever make things for myself LOL)


Are you listening?

These earrings were made for Disco Queen Highness in the March birthday swap. She had wanted earrings that said In one ear Out the other and had thought of using scrabble tiles. I knew I wanted to make these for her and after going through my bead stash I found a bunch of these awesome plastic guys. They are a lot lighter than scrabble tiles would have been and allowed a bit of embelishment with the hanging bead on the bottom. I really like the way they turned out and I hope she does too. They are off in mail land and will hopefully arrive for her to enjoy soon.



I participated in a dinosaur themed swap and came up with these dino items...
This is a dino inspired rapunzel scarf with Adia modeling it
Here is a close up of the fibers

A dino crochet hook roll unfolded

And all rolled up. I didn't have any hooks to fill it with though :(

Two resin pendants. The bigger one actually has a blue tyrannasour and glitter! The other is a scrabble tile pendant.

Last but not least is a dino pouch. I appliqued the dino's and the hearts. I sewed on my very fisrt zipper with this project. It wasn't as hard as I thought!
My partner has received and I hope she loved the package.


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