It's about time!

I finally passed my @#*$#) life exam and will soon have a license to sell life insurance. Yay for me!! Now I can go and use the gift card my dad sent me on something special I have been wanting for a while now. Thanks dad!

I haven't been crafting much lately since things on the homefront have been a bit different but I plan on getting back into to things tonight. I have three large projects to finish before Christmas and if I don't get going now they will never get done!

Speaking of Christmas I am at a loss here for good gift ideas for Adia. She is asking for dolls and such but she never plays with them so it's like throwing money away. She is getting a Nintendo DS but she is getting it from my ex and I can't very well give her games for something that she hasn't received yet ( she will be opening presents with me before she does with them) I was going to get her some Webkinz but we don't have a computer at home anymore so that won't work. Maybe some Wii games?? I am sure I will figure it out before the time comes. Seems like it gets harder every year to shop.

I am still swapping, just decided to slow down for the holidays. I am currently doing an ornament swap, 12 Days of Christmas swap, and another altered Altiods tin swap. I haven't worked on any of them for the past week. I need to get in gear since I need to send out the 12 Days swap on December 1st. Thankfully that one is almost finished. I am seriously stumped on what to do for the ornament swap, none of the ones I have made so far are very good in my opinion. Oh well that is another one I am sure I will figure out if only I could get motivated!


It's about freaking time!

I finally got a Disney swap package in the mail! Thanks so much to Endlessly Intricate! She made a shirt for each of the kids and a PINK TINKERBELL shirt for me! Oh how I do love pink and you can't go wrong with Tink. Three ami's, a Pooh Bear, Mike, and Mickey. Some super cute resin magnets with Tink, Pooh, Buzz, and the Cheshire cat. Then there is the aweseomest Cheshire cat bag EVAH! I wish I could crochet like this. I cant even make scarf without it going all wonky on me. This package was definitely well worth the wait!

I reconned an old ugly necklace into this beauty with matching earrings. I am not even going to put it up for sale cause I love it that much! The old necklace has some other interesting beads that will get made into something eventually.

See I told you I would make this charm into a super cute bracelet. Me thinks that there are more of these to come in different colors with different charms. I guess I will have to order more of the charms.
I picked up some beads to start making some Christmassy stuff. I need to finish up my swaps and get going on my Christmas stuff. I am like 95% done with the 12 Days swap and I just can't seem to get it together for the Ornament swap. I am such a bad girl and signed up for an altered Altoids tin swap. I can't wait to get partnered up and get started on that. I found some really great vintage Christmas art that I want to use. Hopefully my soon to be partner is into that stuff.
Anywhoo I also have another UHU glue challenge of altering a magazine image. I need to start brainstorming on that one here soon too. Ugh too much to do and not enough time to do it in! I have started to bring a certain something to work with me so I can work on it at lunch. It's almost done and looks so good. It's for a swap so no pictures until after Christmas :(


I'm Bringing Crafty Back

After some very spooky Halloween Costumes.......
I had to post Landons picture first because after that shot his sister sucked all his blood! See it running down the sides of her mouth? I knew there was some sibling rivalry but sheesh.....
Okay I haven't been very crafty lately on things I can post since they are all items for swaps and I wouldn't want to ruin the surprises (not that anyone actually reads this!) But in any case I figured since this is supposed to be a crafty kinda blog that I better actually post some freaking crafts on here! There is a lovely beaded bracelet that I am having some size issues with. The silver things on the ends make it A LOT longer than normal! I still have some beads left over and am going to make some matching earrings. I also made some new scrabble tile charms. I recently got a huge roll of ball chain so I can make pendants out of them. I also just received the most awesome DOMINO charms, not sure yet how I feel about the bracelet but it took a while to make so I don't have the heart to tear it up. I really like the earrings but am going to make them shorter. I also have lots more of the charms and am going to make matching color domino earrings too. Keep your eyes on my Etsy if you want a pair or you can visit my crafty Myspace and get your very own pair! (Shameless plug for myself, but what the hell it's my blog and I can do what I want) I also ordered these tiny plastic photo holder charm thingies that I think I am IN LOVE with. I have only used one since I don't want to waste them. I think I am going to make that one into an awesome bracelet though.

As you can see here I received a package from my chocolate swap partner!!! She made me a bacon pillow and a little bacony friend I have named Hammy. She made me some yummy sugar scrub that smells just like chocolate and some chocolate scented lip balms. Also included was a chocolate recipe book and obviously lots of chocolate! Lots of things I have never tried, so I am looking forward to eventually eating them all!
Good news my 2nd swap angel for the Disney swap has sent me a package!!!!!!! I am so anxious to receive it as I have been (im)patiently awaiting some Disney goodness since the beginning of September! I know it will be an awesome package too since my angel is an awesome crafter. I can't wait to see what she made for me (and possible the wee ones)



I think my friend Allen said it best "I haven't been this proud to be part of this country since the banding together shortly after 9/11. Happy Day!"



Rock the Vote!!

I hope everyone gets out there and excercises their right to vote today. I for one feel privilaged to take part in what I feel is one that will go down in history. The first African American candidate, a woman VP. No matter who wins it will make history.
I am super glad that I sent in an early ballot by mail and will not have to wait in any lines today!



Is this for real? Well it looks like a real article to me. Who in their right mind though would think that anyone would be interested in this? It has to be a joke right?
WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION! 1. Why do you tell the cop that you were masturbating? 2. How does this information make it to a newspaper? 3. Who the hell is the editor of the paper who okayed printing this? Seems like this comes from small town paper so I bet the Cole Ave. man is pretty embarassed cause EVERYONE knows who he is!

What a detailed report! You now know to keep your eyes open for two men who have Have a Nice Day smiley face bags and REALLY itchy crotches!

Are you serious? OMG OMG OMG it's a baby in the trash can OMG OMG OM.......oh wait a second nevermind it's only a burrito! Hmmmmm that's a pretty big burrito, wonder where i can get me one of those?


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