It's about freaking time!

I finally got a Disney swap package in the mail! Thanks so much to Endlessly Intricate! She made a shirt for each of the kids and a PINK TINKERBELL shirt for me! Oh how I do love pink and you can't go wrong with Tink. Three ami's, a Pooh Bear, Mike, and Mickey. Some super cute resin magnets with Tink, Pooh, Buzz, and the Cheshire cat. Then there is the aweseomest Cheshire cat bag EVAH! I wish I could crochet like this. I cant even make scarf without it going all wonky on me. This package was definitely well worth the wait!

I reconned an old ugly necklace into this beauty with matching earrings. I am not even going to put it up for sale cause I love it that much! The old necklace has some other interesting beads that will get made into something eventually.

See I told you I would make this charm into a super cute bracelet. Me thinks that there are more of these to come in different colors with different charms. I guess I will have to order more of the charms.
I picked up some beads to start making some Christmassy stuff. I need to finish up my swaps and get going on my Christmas stuff. I am like 95% done with the 12 Days swap and I just can't seem to get it together for the Ornament swap. I am such a bad girl and signed up for an altered Altoids tin swap. I can't wait to get partnered up and get started on that. I found some really great vintage Christmas art that I want to use. Hopefully my soon to be partner is into that stuff.
Anywhoo I also have another UHU glue challenge of altering a magazine image. I need to start brainstorming on that one here soon too. Ugh too much to do and not enough time to do it in! I have started to bring a certain something to work with me so I can work on it at lunch. It's almost done and looks so good. It's for a swap so no pictures until after Christmas :(

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