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I have much love for the Craftster who made this shirt. I only cut out very simple stencils cause it's time consuming and makes my hand hurt. But this is so detailed and I love it! I want to make one for myself but the thought of cutting out that stencil kinda scares me. I have asked my brother to enlarge this photo using photoshop so that I can have it on hand in case I ever get brave enough to start cutting it out.

I have been doing some reaearch on others stenciling techniques and have some good ideas that may be put to use for Christmas presents. It's pretty amazing what some people can do. I must say that I think stenciling has become my new favorite craft to do. I actually have two projects planned for a swap I am doing and a project especially for myself planned.

Forgive my crappy cell phone picture of a sweet black rose ring I made. I love this ring. The rose was a charm off a bracelet Adia got out of a quarter machine. I have actually seen places on www.etsy.com that sell these roses in all sorts of sizes and colors. I think I am going to have to by them. I want to be drowning in these roses. Seriously.....

Adia had a little sleep over on Friday and the three girls got to decorate their own shirts. Here Carley, Alexah, and Adia are wearing their decorated goodness. I was pleasantly surprised that they all shared the paints and there was no mess made! I also think they all did such and awesome job. Down below Alexah and Adia are hamming it up for the camera. Both girls are looking forward to the next time we have a slumber party. Oh and did I mention I let them put makeup on me???? BIG mistake the lipstick DYED my lips for like 12 hours!!!! I woke up and still had bright pink lipstick on. YUCK!!!!!!!


Pictures of you, pictures of me...

Just wanted to post some pictures. I went camping in Payson over the weekend and it was so nice to get out of the heat and into the forrest! I got to really meet and hang out with quite of few of Ryans friends and I am happy to say we all got along nicely. There were a lot of people and there, lots of adults and kids. Unfortunately my kids were with their dad but it did give me a nice break. I got to eat some elk and deer steak, drink some Bud Light and pee in the woods a whole bunch. It was real camping in the middle of nowhere which is not what I am used too! So here is me in the woods! Here is Ryan and me freezing our tails off. It had to be cold
for Ryan to be wearing a coat and hat. He's the one wearing shorts and a t-shirt in December when I am all bundled up! I was actually wearing a t-shirt, a hoodie and the big jacket! It was chilly! Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous though, perfect weather that reminds me of Montana. Next thing to look forward to is our trip to San Diego at the end of the month. I don't think the kiddos know what to expect. We will be hanging out at the beach and taking a trip to Sea World. I can't wait! Hopefully the weather is nice. I keep checking and the high has been around 65 which is a bit to chill for me.

Here is Adia looking all grown up! And this is the best pic of Landon yet! I wish there was a way to send this to BK....I could totally see this in a magazine with a cute tagline!

Thats all for now folks. I will have more crafty goodness soon. I am currently working on one swap and helping Adia in her first one. So we will both have some stuff to show off soon...



These are photos of stuff I made for the invite your partner swap on craftster. Princesspimp81 and I seemed to have a lot in common so I decided to ask her to be my partner and she accepted! I am so glad I asked since I received a wonderful package from her a few weeks ago. It was FULL of crochet goodies and some gorgeous jewelry. She makes these wonderful crochet cake boxes and I am lucky enough to now have one of my very own! I have been hounding her to try a cupcake box cause that would just be sweet!
So for her package I made her three scrabble tile charms. She has a love of cupcakes and all things cute just like me. She also said she like gnomes (which I guess can be kind of cute)

Again playing off the love of pink/cute things is this pendant. This one was hard to give up. I really really really like it. I am pretty sure I have another of the lolly charms though so I may have to recreate it.

I have made these before so they may be in a previous post. Cupcake earrings! So cute! I have yet to make any of these for myself. Maybe I need to have a crafty day where I make the stuff I want to keep for myself! LOL yeah right as if that would ever happen...

I made the bracelet a while ago and it's one of my faves but I have never worn it. It was too big for me and I never got around to fixing it. Well I found it, thought it fit my partner perfectly and it was the right size based on her info so into the package it went. I do want to make another for myself, just need to go get more of these beads.

There is a ring. The heart is actually really sparkley. I did actually make one of these for myself but have yet to wear it. I have recently become addicted to bigger chunky rings.

More jewelrey of course! She said she likes more of the stone type beads so I couldn't resist these pretty purple pearly like stones. The picture is somewhat dark and doesn't show how pretty the stones really are.
Last but not least a shirt based on a necklace that was on her wist. Make Love Not Horcruxes which is a reference to Harry Potter in case you didn't know. I am going to actually make up one of these for myself and two of my girlfriends. We will probably wear them when we go see the new HP movie in July. Yes I know that is totally dorky and No I don't care. This shirt took me three tries to get right. The first time I muffed up the stencil, the second time I didn't position the stencil correctly and the words were crooked and off to the side. I guess thirds times a charm??

My box is en route to it's destination and I hope that Princesspimp81 enjoys her package as much as I enjoyed the one I got from her.

Adia is participating in a swap for kids. She has picked out the projects she wants to make her partner, we just need to get supplies. As soon as she gets things going I will post some pictures of her works of art. She is already so talented. Her paintings/drawings are better than anything I could ever do! Keep an eye out for her artwork, coming soon!

I have decided that I REALLY REALLY need a die cutting machine to make stencils. I hate cutting out stencils! I have a really really intricate one I am going to be doing for a shirt I am going to make myself. I am not looking forward to the cutting but can't wait for the results.



One of my fave swaps is the Jar of Whimsies. My partner in this last round sent me a box of whimsies that included great things for me AND the kids. She crocheted a whole set of Ninja Turtles for Landon. OMG he was so excited. Adia got a cute tote with some homemade crayon soaps and a few other things. I got a crocheted game of Pass the Pigs. I remember playing this game in Montana when I was a kid. I actually have a travel sized one and now a super sized one! Well I obviously sent out a jar and wanted to share a few of the things I made that were included. Some PEZ earrings made out of real PEZ, poly clay PB&J, an eggy pincushion, and happy egg and toast clips. The poor Jelly face didn't turn out so well but I tried! I just can't paint such small details. So a funny story, I was trying to seal the PEZ with this super thick glue I have and I had to do one side at a time. So I do the one side of two PEZ and leave them out to dry. I go to seal the other side and all of a sudden I only have one PEZ....
It is quite possible that I am losing my freaking mind but no it turns out that Landon ate one! As I was pondering the possiblity of losing my marbles, he runs up and tells me, "Mommy I ate that but it had yucky stuff on it" Well who knows when this happened and it didn't seem to have any ill effects on him which is a good thing. Next thing I know Adia says that she was going to eat one too but saw that it had stuff on it so she just put it back! I mean these things were not out in plain sight tempting them or anything. Maybe they just have a sweets radar or something.
I will have more pictures to post tomorrow on another package I just shipped out.
ugh I shouldn't have eaten the Snickers, I feel my butt and tummy getting bigger as I type! No more Snickers for me!


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