If you haven't heard of Pinterest yet you gotta check it out!  I am so addicted to this site!  I found a way to organize all the super crafty ideas and recipes that I find online and share them with friends.  It's kinda like an Amazon Wishlist with a social network attached. 

You can create different boards and start pinning items that catch your fancy to each board.  I have boards that showcase the crafts I have made, things I want to make, recipes, stuff for my kids, art and photography, cupcakes, etc.  I think my favorite board to pin on has been food and recipes.  I am hooked on looking at the gorgeous food photography and the tasty sounding recipes.  If you already have a Pintrest come and follow me, you can find my profile here


Manic Monday

Flower Hair Clip
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Friday Fix-$1 Store Easter Wreath

I love $1 Store crafts!  For this one you will need to pick up some.......
I think I grabbed 4 bags of eight eggs for a total of 32 eggs and a large sized wicker wreath

You will also need

Pretty easy just start gluing your eggs on and fill up the front of the wreath
If you have naked spots or run out of eggs you could tie a bow and glue that on to hide the bareness

Luckily My bare spots were few and far between and this is what we ended up with.
Easy Peasy Easter wreath on the cheap which is always a bonus!


Stitch Markers

These were made for a partner in a swap.  I have never used stitch markers since I don't follow crochet patterns well (nor do I really ever count my stitches) but I know that talented hookers find them helpful.  I have seen a few different ways of making them but I assume for some reason that these clasps would be the easiest to hook and unhook to the yarn. 
I never thought about it until now but I really hope they aren't to heavy or bulky to be of use....
Well they are pretty at least!



Coffee Cuff

First week and I already missed my Wednesday post ooops! 
Please forgive me and admire this new take on a coffee cuff.  It's the same idea as these ones I posted in December except I didn't use any pattern and just winged it!
These ones are also made from a washcloth which can be obtained at the $1 store

I also appliqued a fun heart and used a handmade poly clay heart button to finish it all off.
That button was sitting around in a bag of buttons for close to three years just waiting for the perfect project.  I am pretty sure THIS was the perfect project!  It was karma :) 
This project was inspired by something my partner had wisted but I didn't use any type of pattern so thank you to whomever came up with the orginial!

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Manic Monday

I have seen alot of people do a feature called Wordless Wednesday on their blogs but I find that Monday's are always hectic and I think I am going to use the same idea but do it on Monday's.  I feel like the blog is evolving and changing some.  So my goals are to at least do a post for Manic Mondays, a crafty post type post on Wednesdays, and a Friday Fix every week. 

So without further ado my first Manic Monday.....



Embroidery hoop art AKA hoopla's seem to be all the rage over at Craftster. People are making them with embroidery stitches combined with felt and buttons. While others are doing just pure embroidery.

This is my contribution to all the hoopla....
A little red fox that I embroidered using three different (basic) stitches.
I also used a crayon tinting technique for the eye and leaf.

This little guy flew over the ocean and found a new home all the way in New Zeland.  I hope he is loved! 
I am ready to start my own hoopla wall in my craft room. 


Crochet Baby Hat with Flower Clippy

This project was a double score for me!  First I actually crocheted a hat and second I actually followed a pattern in order to crochet said hat!  Usually my attempts at anything that is not shaped like a square or rectangle fail.  Granted this was a very simple pattern and I did have a little help from a friend but I still did it all by myself! 

The only thing wrong with it is that it's too big for the intended recipieant....I think I may have used a hook that was too large.

Thank you Skip to My Lou for providing me with the pattern and how to for the flower.

So you will need some yarn, a crochet hook, and this pattern to make the hat.
For the flowers you will need silk flowers of your choosing (I mixed up two that I got at the $1 store), ribbon, hair clip, button or jewel, hot glue gun, and some glue.
Make your hat
No step by step instructions for the flowers here cause it's pretty simple but if you want them head on over to Skip to my Lou.
Take apart your silk flowers
Use the hot glue to put em back together how you want
Glue a jewel or button to the center
Use the hot glue to cover your barrette or hair clip with ribbon
Take a leaf from the flower stem and glue one side to the back of the flower, stick your open clip down and glue the leaf to the other side of the clip securing the clip between the glued sides.
Clip on to the hat. 
The flower is removeable and can be worn by itself too!

Happy Crafting


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