If you haven't heard of Pinterest yet you gotta check it out!  I am so addicted to this site!  I found a way to organize all the super crafty ideas and recipes that I find online and share them with friends.  It's kinda like an Amazon Wishlist with a social network attached. 

You can create different boards and start pinning items that catch your fancy to each board.  I have boards that showcase the crafts I have made, things I want to make, recipes, stuff for my kids, art and photography, cupcakes, etc.  I think my favorite board to pin on has been food and recipes.  I am hooked on looking at the gorgeous food photography and the tasty sounding recipes.  If you already have a Pintrest come and follow me, you can find my profile here

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Sweetie1313 said...

Hey there, thanks for recognizing the Sour Cream Pancakes on pintrest. :-) We're your newest follower, feel free to follow back.



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