Coffee Cuff

First week and I already missed my Wednesday post ooops! 
Please forgive me and admire this new take on a coffee cuff.  It's the same idea as these ones I posted in December except I didn't use any pattern and just winged it!
These ones are also made from a washcloth which can be obtained at the $1 store

I also appliqued a fun heart and used a handmade poly clay heart button to finish it all off.
That button was sitting around in a bag of buttons for close to three years just waiting for the perfect project.  I am pretty sure THIS was the perfect project!  It was karma :) 
This project was inspired by something my partner had wisted but I didn't use any type of pattern so thank you to whomever came up with the orginial!

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LimeRiot said...

Very cute. Great idea to use a washcloth! The applique and button really add a nice touch.


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