Foodie Friday-Andes Mint Fudge

Mmmm Andes Mints.  I love those little suckers.  It was always a treat to get one after eating at the Olive Garden.  So trying this fudge out was a no brainer!  I made it for the family cookie exchange this year.  It was super easy to make, made enough for everyone, and tasted just like the little mints!  

I used the recipe found at Sally's Baking Addiction.  I followed all the directions except I didn't have shortening so I used a bit of vegetable oil in it's place.


Christmas Craft Roundup

I had such a hectic month of December that I sort of fell off the planet.  I am usually very into the Holidays but not so much this year.  I really let stress take over.  So I am somewhat glad that it's all over... Anyway, here are pictures of the Christmas crafts I did for some swaps that I had intended on posting earlier.  Better late than never!

For the Stocking Swap:

Dandelion Hoop

Steampunk Hair pins

Bleach Stenciled tee

"A" Hoop

Two Wrap Bracelets

Sea Glass Pendants

Holly Berry Bracelet

And for the Stuff a Small Flat Rate Box Swap:
Resin Pendant

Christmas Light Earrings

Beaded Necklace and Earrings

Gift Tags made from old Christmas Cards


Stocking Swap

I did the stocking swap on Craftster this year.  It was perfect since I don't have my own stocking and for some reason the adults in my house don't get stuffers...This makes no sense to me since the stocking is the best part.  Well almost the best part!  I love all the neat little gifts that can fit in one.  So without further ado..here is the stocking I......
Received!  From Averia.  It is straight from my Pinterest.  I just adore the bright fabric and the curly elf shoe shape.  She included some extra fabric for me so I could make matching ones for the kids if I so choose.

Here is the stocking I made.  I pretty much just winged it as usual and I think it turned out okay for my first time making a stocking.  I only wish the toe part was a bit bigger.  I chose to use my partners favorite winter time colors and I cut the fabric into strips then sewed them together.  I used another stocking that we have as a pattern and cut it all out.  I put a layer of batting between the front and the lining then sewed it all together.  It's not perfect but it's got character!   

I will share some of the goodies that were stuffed in the stocking next week


Manic Monday

An amazingly awesome beaded ornament I received in the Secret Santa Swap on Craftster.  It's in Gryffindor colors!


Sugar Skull Hoop

This is a Sugar Skull hoop I stitched up for the Dia De Los Muertos swap on Craftster.  The pattern is from Urban Threads who happened to be having a fabulous sale right before this swap started.  I used a combination of the stem stitch, back stitch, straight stitch, and the satin stitch to come up with this.  The only problem I had was transferring the pattern to this fabric.  I really need to come up with a better way or get myself a good light table.


Manic Monday

Christmas Tags received from Mom2Em from Craftster.  I actually turned the one on the top right into an ornament for our tree.


Manic Monday

This is an AMAZING Harry Potter bookmark that was made for me by the super talented Jillybeans on Craftster


Bass Stencil

You're sure to create a splash with this shirt on ha ha ha...
This is a stenciled bass shirt that I made for quaggy in some Craftster swap or another... It was only a few inches long and off to the side of the shirt rather than centered.  Along with this I sent her a camper pendant charm she had pinned.
It's just a silver charm with the addition of a little blue crystal.

I hope quaggy loved these items depicting some of her favorite summer pastimes! 


Halloween Crafty Roundup

Here are the final few crafted items I sent to my partner in the 13 Days of Halloween Swap.  I had so much fun with this swap and can't wait to do it again next year.

I made her a spider facsinator and a brooch out of feathers, black leaves, and plastic spiders

Here we have a small sized spooky wreath that I made from a kit I purchases at Oriental Trading company

Last but not least is a Halloween bracelet and pumpkin earrings made from lampwork beads.  I love this set!  I need to make more of the pumpkin earrings for Adia and I.

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween!


Foodie Friday-Pineapple Angel Food Cake

It really doesn't get ANY easier than this.  1 box of angel food cake mix and 1 can of crushed pineapple.  Combine the dry mix with the pineapple, spread in a cake pan, and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  So easy and so good!

I found this recipe on Pinterest via Dawn's Quilt Corner


Frankie, Jack, & Boo

This Halloween wall hanging was made for my partner in the 13 Days of Halloween Swap.  I used thin wooden coasters, acrylic paint, and some holiday themed ribbon.  I am not an artist by any means but I decided to just draw the faces on by hand.  I know they are really simple designs but I am still happy with the results!  After the paint was dry I glued a ribbon down the back of each and tied a knot at the top for hanging.


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