Sweat Shop Ornament Swap

I participated in the Sweat Shop Ornament Swap on Craftster.  I made a total of eight ornaments and received eight different ones in return.  These are the eight ornaments that I sent out.

A set of felt houses that I stitched up.  Each house is a different color and has different embellishments.  I purchased the precut house pieces from Pitter Pattery then stitched them up myself.

The second set of four that I made are these cork reindeer ornaments.  Each reindeer is made up of 3 and half corks, ribbon, bows, red noses, and some Christmas colored floral stuff for the antlers.  All the elements are hot glued together with an eye pin screwed to the top so they can be hung.  

I made another set of the felt houses for another swap and plan on making more reindeer and other cork ornaments to give as little extras with my Christmas presents this year.


Manic Monday

These are three of the eight ornaments I received in the Sweat Shop Ornament Swap.  

I received a quilted  Christmas three, a kitty, and crochet star.


Note Cards Cut With the Silhouette Cameo

I joined a swap where you set up your own little store with premade items to sell for points which you can then spend in other peoples shops.  I made up a few different sets of note cards for my shop.  The first set is a  Spring Fling set that features an umbrella, flowers, and the silhouette of a rainy day girl.  I used the sketch pens on the umbrella card to write out Happy Spring.

The next set are thank you cards in three designs.

These are just note cards that can be used for anything.  I really love the one that says Hello.

Finally, another set of everyday cards with coordinating scrapbook paper.  These were sent to a partner in a different swap.

I really love how all the cards turned out but unfortunately they weren't very popular in the swap.  So now I have lots of cards to share with others in future swaps or to save and use for myself.  Hmm or maybe I will gift some to family with their Christmas packages???  I have lots of new designs to use so I will keep making cards and will hopefully find a good home for them!


Manic Monday

The last gift I received in the Mini 13 Days of Halloween swap was this AMAZING welcome sign.  My partner saw a wooden welcome sign I had pinned where you could change out the designs for each season and using that for inspiration made me this.  All the pieces are ceramic and hand painted by her.  She said I can purchase more of the centers to paint too.  Not that I will since I am not much of a painter... But really this is something I will cherish forever!  


November Hoopla Along-Hello Fall

I stitched up this little Fall hoop to help welcome the new season.  This hoop is what I imagine Fall would be like if we actually had it here.  Living in Arizona we don't really get any of the Fall season.   By the time we are having Fall type weather it's already December and full blown winter for everyone else.

Pumpkin spiced everything, beautiful colorful leaves blowing in the breeze, bright crisp mornings and evenings.  That is what I think Fall would be like. 

I can still have my pumpkin spiced everything but it's not the same when it's 92 degrees out and we are still wearing shorts and tank tops!  Come on Fall we are ready for you!  


Manic Monday

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!  

Till next year....


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