Manic Monday

First Day of School was today.  The kids started at a brand new school today and poor Adia was so nervous.  She started crying once it was time for her to go to her side of the school.  Luckily there was a really nice teacher(?) who helped her and was trying to talk her through the tears.  I hope the rest of the day gets better for her.   
She is going to start walking home from school this year and so she got a cell phone.  I know it's turned off so I already sent her a text that she will get when she turns it on after school.
Landon is a big first grader this year and as usual is excited to go and not nervous about meeting new people.    In fact he was already chatting up other kids as we walked to the office!
Here's hoping this turns out to be a great school year and that they both make lots of new friends!

Here are the pictures from last year's first day of school.  I can't believe how much they have changed in just one year!


Kelly said...

Ahhh....poor Adia! I missed the first day this year for the kids.....but that's probably good cuz I'm worried about Maddi and her new school! I'm sure by the end of the week they will be feeling better!

Robin said...

Lindy, I loved seeing the kiddos picture from a year ago! Tell them hi from their friend in Texas! Love this years 1st day pictures. Also loving your new look here. Yes I follow you just never enough time to post but had to take a minute and say hi! The kids thank you picture still hangs on my refrig!!!!


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