Goodbye Summer

Well summer is officially over, I wish the weather would realize this fact and cool off. School started today and I now have two kids in school. No more super expensive daycare only semi expensive daycare!!!!! The next step will be Adia being old enough to walk home from school herself. I was allowed to start walking home when I was in 4th grade. I remember I came home and made toast and the toaster started sparking and smoking. Great start to my new responsible after school life. Luckily I didn't burn the house down!

Adia started 4th grade today and I am in no way prepared to let her walk home from school and be home for a few hours alone yet. The idea hasn't crossed her mind either and so I haven't had to say no.....yet! It's kind of strange to have a 4th grader when I can remember so many things from 4th grade so clearly. My BFF was Aron and we loved the New Kids on the Block (she liked Jordan and I liked Joey the best) We had sleepovers at each others houses every weekend and even had the same bowl like hair cut. Her parents played softball everyweekend and we would go to the games and run around the park then go back to her house and watch NKOTB concerts that were recorded from Pay Per View. I wonder if Adia will be anything like I was at that age??

My little Landon started Kindergarten today. He was SO excited! He woke up and said "Mommy aren't you going to say happy first day of school to me??"
He said he was a little nervous cause he says he forgot how to make friends but I know he will do fine. I walked him to classroom and he found his desk and was ready to go. I barely got a good-bye from him. I am so glad that he went easily! Poor Adia cried and cried when she started school. In fact I don't think I saw any criers this morning. Hopefully after today he will still enjoy it! I am sure he will be tired tonight.

I hope everyone else has a smooth trasition from summer to school this year. Someone please send the cool weather down South too please!

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