A Pouch!

I am quite proud of this little pouch that I sewed up all on my own. I had received a similar pouch in a swap quite a while ago and used it all the time to carry my *ahem* feminine products. Just like I change purses and sunglasses all the time I decided I needed a new pouch. I have had this fabulous fabric forever (received in another swap!) and never knew what to do with it and my sewing skills weren't all that great anyway. Well my sewing skills are still not all that great as you can tell by my uneven bag but I still love it and think it gives it a bit of character!

And opened with the velcro closure

And here are some random photos of my kids being silly

Okay Lando is silly, Adia is pretty and please do not comment about me just out of the shower with no make-up!


Kelly said...

Can you throw a belt on that thing and make it to fit Maddison's insulin pump?

Josh Healy said...

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