Baby's First Birthday

I know it's been a while.   I have had sick kids at home which is no fun!  It has also been cutting into my crafting time a bit.  I finally got my craft room all done so I broke out the sewing machine to make a gift for a special guy who is turning one soon!

Last year I made some handmade baby stuffs for a friend and now baby Brody is about to turn one!

You can take a look at Brody modeling one of the hats I made him here.

Now that he is going to turn one his mama made sure to (strongly) hint to me that she wanted me to make him something.  So I made him his very own I Spy quilt.  It's smaller than the ones I made my kiddos but I still love it and I hope he will too!


Manic Monday

I know the picture is small, I can't resize it but it's Landon's first fish!


Foodie Friday-Dessert Crescent Rolls

These are a super quick and easy (and tasty) way to use Crescent Rolls.  You can fill them with whatever you choose.  All you have to do is fill em, roll em, and bake em up according to the package directions.

I filled mine with marshmallows and chocolate chips......

And peanut butter and chocolate chips....... 

 Mmmmm golden and delishious!
Original recipe can be found at Northern Cottage


Love Bomb

It's Thursday so that means that we get to drop another Love Bomb today!  Today's love is going to
Captain Gregory Galeazzi who was severely injured in Afghanistan in an explosion that left his right arm badly damaged, and also caused him to lose both of his legs.  Please leave some love in the form of a comment at Captain Gregory Galeazzi

If you think this whole Love Bomb thing is a cool idea, feel free to share with anyone who may be interested. They can help with this mission, and also sign up for any future ones here: http://dropalovebomb.com/
You can also follow us on Twitter: @dropalovebomb


Hooty Hoo

Fun little felt owl hoopla.  I made this for a partner in the Ongoing Wish Swap who requested hoops in the colors of red, aqua, and lime green.  She had a cute little owl hoopla on her pinterest so I came up with this guy.  The owl pattern was found here and I stamped the word HOOT with black ink. 


Manic Monday

First Day of School was today.  The kids started at a brand new school today and poor Adia was so nervous.  She started crying once it was time for her to go to her side of the school.  Luckily there was a really nice teacher(?) who helped her and was trying to talk her through the tears.  I hope the rest of the day gets better for her.   
She is going to start walking home from school this year and so she got a cell phone.  I know it's turned off so I already sent her a text that she will get when she turns it on after school.
Landon is a big first grader this year and as usual is excited to go and not nervous about meeting new people.    In fact he was already chatting up other kids as we walked to the office!
Here's hoping this turns out to be a great school year and that they both make lots of new friends!

Here are the pictures from last year's first day of school.  I can't believe how much they have changed in just one year!


Foodie Friday-Wow Chicken Again and Again

Remember the recipe for Wow Chicken I posted a few weeks ago?  Well I hope you made extra so that you can make these two meals that both utilize the Wow Chicken.  Now you could use regular grilled chicken but really it just wouldn't be as good.  Trust me I have tried it both ways!

This first recipe is one of my favorites.  I don't like spaghetti.  Now I like noodles, just not with any kind of sauce.  When we eat regular spaghetti for dinner in my house I eat a bowl of noodles with some olive oil and garlic on top.  It's how I like it but I am always hungry an hour later since there is no protien in the meal.  So for my pasta night I like to make this meal.  Before I discovered the recipe for Wow Chicken I just used regular grilled chicken and you can too but it really is better to use left over Wow chicken!  Since this is a recipe that I just made up (I have seen a few things similar to it online) I don't follow an exact recipe.  It's so simple though that you can a more of this or that to suit your tastes.
You will need:
Cooked Noodles of your choice I like bowtie or the curly noodles for this one
Cooked chicken cut into bite sized pieces
Olive Oil
Minced Garlic
Lemon Juice
Salt & Pepper
Optional: Cooked Veggies I used steamed broccoli (I love you Steam Fresh!)

In the pot that you cooked the noodles in pour in some olive oil and saute your minced garlic.  Be careful cause it burns quickly!
Once it's a bit browned and soft toss your noodles back in with the chicken and the cooked veggies if you want em.  Squirt in some lemon juice, add some salt & pepper, and stir to combine.  Add more olive oil if needed. 
Seriously one of my favorite meals.  I always make extra so I can bring it for lunch the next day!

Our new favorite is to make Grilled Pizza!  I won't bore you with the specifics since you can find a tutorial on just about any blog out there these days.  The one I used was from Mels Kitchen Cafe (my cooking hero lately.  I adapted the Wow Chicken from of her recipes and have a great pork chop one I am going to share)
Anywhoo I do a few things differently since I can't follow directions very well.....
I use a grill pan.  Yes, it is kind of cheating but it makes things so much easier.  Well and the first time I tried this I didn't have this little baby and I burnt the crap outta my hand. 
So I use a grill pan and I use pre-made dough.  Please don't think less of me....
Go turn the grill on and let it heat up. While it's warming up, either brush or spray the pan with olive oil.  Spread the dough.  I split it in two as it makes it easier for me to flip.  Then either spray or brush the top with olive oil.
You will also need to gather your sauce, toppings, and a metal spatula or tongs.  If you plan on using meat toppings they will need to be pre-cooked as these babies aren't on the grill long enough to cook meat.
For this batch I made a plain cheese and a garlicy, buttery, cheesy, chickeny pizza!
Again before putting my crusts on the grill I heated up some butter and garlic powder and stirred it all up.  I used this awesome mixture instead of sauce on one of the pizza's then topped it with the cheese and left over Wow Chicken!   
It was divine as you can see from the remnants of our lunch..... 
I recommend grilled pizza to everyone!  Since I cheat a bit it only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish and it doesn't heat up the house.


Love Bomb

Let's drop a Love Bomb on Grace and her family today over at Tales from Graceland.  Grace is 4 months old and is facing open heart surgery in a few days.  Please visit her the blog and leave show some love in the form of a comment.

If you would like to get weekly notifications from Love Bomb you can sign up here.



These 10 sets of earrings were made for two different partners in an earring swap.  I love making earrings because the possibilities are endless and they come together pretty quickly.

I really need to work on my photography skills.  Its hard to see the details.  You would think with a brother so talented in photography I would know better. Sorry :(


Love Bomb

It's been a while since I have posted about Love Bomb.  In case you don't know what a Love Bomb is...Once a week we come together to drop a Love Bomb (in the form of blog comments) for those who need some love. It doesn't take much time and costs nothing to send a little online love to someone in need.

You can visit the site that is linked above to sign up for the weekly emails or to give suggestions of someone who could use some online love.

This week's Love Bomb is is being dropped on Michael and his Family over at Sludog Millionaire.  Michael has suffered with Encephalitis since December 2010.  Go and spread the love to Michael and his family.



I ordered the book Zombie Felties cause these guys looked too cute!  Who doesn't like a cute Zombie?  In the book there are patterns, instructions, and directions on how to do some of the stitches.  There are quite a few different zombies to choose from.  My favorites are the bunny and Michael Jackson.

 Luckily an Ongoing Wish Swapper likes zombies too and put zombie plushies or something of the like on her wishlist.  It was perfect timing! 

The only thing I didn't realize when I ordered the book is that these creatures are REALLY small sized!  So I made two, a zombie kitty and a zombie puppy.   

I didn't have huge selection of felt colors to choose from and so I wasn't able to use the recommended colors from the book but I am still happy with the way turned out. 


Manic Monday

San Diego 2011...

Photos were taken by my brother!  Check out his new blog Lucas Nowel


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