Snitch Necklace

Ahh I love me some Harry Potter and pretty much everything to do with it.  I know that need more Harry in my life!  I also enjoy sharing the Harry goodness with others which is why I made this Snitch necklace in the Ongoing Pinterest Swap.

I had received a similar necklace from a previous swap and used it as an example.  I found the wings and golden ball/locket on Etsy.  I had to use a tool to poke additional holes in the wings then I put it all together.  I am pretty sure it has been received and I hope it is well loved.


Meredith said...

That's so pretty! Can you believe I've only just started reading the HP books! Better late than never..;0)

Kira - oopsicraftmypants.com said...

Mmmm, I loove this! I think I need one for myself :D I love HP!


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