Random Swap

A few weeks ago I shared what I received in the Random Swap.  What a fabulous package full of spoilage it was!  My partner has a bit of a geeky streak like myself and we seemed to really enjoy a lot of the same things.  This helps to craft since I can make things that I would like to receive and be happy to share them with others.

These are a few of the things that I sent to my partner in return.  A stenciled shirt with a logo that is a mash up of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

Next up another stenciled shirt, this time is the Doctor Who Logo.  I was lucky to find a shirt is a great "TARDIS Blue"

I also made her a Dalek Key Fob.I have quite a bit of this ribbon left so I think I may need to make myself some Dalek goodies.

A Chan Luu style beaded wrap bracelet.  You can find out how to make your own at Ice Cream When the Sky is Grey Once you get the hang of the stitch they whip up pretty quickly.

A fun spring time shrine using supplies I purchased from Retro Cafe Art Gallery



I have a few other things I sent that I can show off next week.


Manic Monday

I have been wanting to try to make some of my own Teesha Moore Style patches but haven't gotten around to it just yet.  Lucky for me I received some awesome ones in the Ongoing Wish Swap.

Along with Teesha Moore patches made into a fabulous and fun pouch I received in a personal swap.

Love both packages and cannot wait to try some of my own designs.


Manic Monday

Random Swap Part 2
Ta Da!  A felt Harry Potter Kindle Case

Lovely and wonderful crochet cap.  It's a bazillion degrees here though so this is getting put away until it cools off.  In you know maybe December/January!

OH EM GEE.  Do you see the tiny turtle??  I need a bale of mini turtles in all different colors if you please.  Also the cacti pin cushion.  It does not get cuter than this.  Well maybe the above photo, cause I think I am rather cute.

Finally my first mug rug!  Perfectly pink and happy!  


Foodie Friday-Bacon Pancakes

If you have a Pinterest account or Facebook page chances are you have seen a picture of these Bacon pancakes floating around.  I have been wanting to try them for about two years now.  This week we actually had some leftover bacon and I thought I would finally whip up a batch of these special pancakes and see how they are. 

No special recipe just pour out your batter, put your pre-cooked slice of bacon on top and cook like you would any old pancake. 

I didn't even reheat the bacon since it heated up and browned up even more while on the griddle.  Add some butter and syrup and you are on your way to yummy breakfast!
 Bacon, especially maple bacon really does make everything better!


Stenciled Bee Tee

I have been playing with my Silhouette Cameo quite a bit more lately and was able to cut this stencil out with it.  I used some tips that I found on Crap I've Made to cut the stencil out using freezer paper and my Silhouette.  It works really well for designs like this but I admit that I need a little more practice when it comes to designing stencils that need to have bridges in them.  Luckily the Silhouette blog gives some ideas but for some reason I can't seem to get my rectangles to work properly.  Like I said, more practice is needed!

This stenciled bee shirt was for someone in the Ongoing Wish Swap.  I really really like the pattern and plan on making one for myself but maybe with a little crown.  You know cause the Queen Bee is awesome.



I don’t talk a lot about my personal life out on the interwebs for the world to see but today I really just need to vent.  A little over a year ago (06/18/13) my mom was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme which is a form of brain cancer.  There aren’t many treatment options and the life expectancy with this type of cancer pretty much sucks.  The median life expectancy with treatment is 12-14 months depending on the size of the tumor, where it is, and how much they can remove.  She underwent a resection surgery to remove what they could, followed by six weeks of radiation, then on to 5 days once a month oral chemo.  The diagnosis was really scary, seeing her in the hospital and so confused was really scary and overwhelming.  But she came home and things were pretty normal.  She functioned just fine for the most part.  Some word finding and memory difficulties and some other random side effects from the steroids.   She had a seizure about once a month and ended up in the hospital with blood clots in September 2013.  We were on quite the roller coaster from June until February but overall things were okay.  She was still active if a bit wobbly on her feet and needed a cane to walk.  She still wanted to get out of the house and go out to eat or to have a beer at her favorite hole in the wall bar.  In February the doctors told her she needed to have a second surgery.  She opted to do it and things seemed to go well.  Since then she has been hospitalized a few times and has had two more surgeries and a few different infections.  Suffice to say things have not gone well.  She was hospitalized for almost three weeks due to a bad infection.  She refused to eat, she refused to get out of bed, she became incontinent, she was confused, she was angry, she slept a lot.  It was finally decided to bring her home and get some help from Hospice.  This is where we are now.   She is home with my step-dad and brothers as her main care takers and I go over for visits during the week and for the majority of the day on Saturdays.

a feeling of anger or displeasure about someone or something unfair
a feeling of indignant displeasure or persistent ill will at something regarded as a wrong, insult, or injury

Resentment sucks.  Is this normal???  I can feel that my brothers resent me right now.  Neither of them will talk to me much anymore since my mom has been home from the hospital.  I think they resent the fact that I can leave while they are there doing all this work  so much of the time.  I resent them because they don’t have the same demands and stresses that I do.  I also resent the fact that they resent me.  

None of us wants for this to be happening.  No one wants to have to bear witness to our mothers failing mind and body.  No one wants to have to do care taking tasks we never thought we would have to do.  I understand that this so hard for them since they have do be the main ones doing the work three and half days a week.  They actually live there and neither works full time so unless they leave they are in it 24/7. It has to wear on them.  I wish there was more I could do and I don’t want them to hold on to this and it affect our future relationships.  I love my brothers but…

I resent the fact that they don’t understand where I am coming from.  I work full time, have two kids at home, my own house with all the chores that go along with.  It’s not like when I leave there I am going out and having a grand old time.   When I am not there I am at work or at home to cook dinner, do dishes, do laundry, clean the floors, help with homework, spend time with my kids, sleep. Luckily I do have help in the chores department from my other half but I of course feel guilty I am not pulling my weight around the house.  I feel guilty when I am at my own house because I feel like I should be with my mom and I feel guilty when I am her house because I feel like I am abandoning my kids.  

I am not saying that any of us has it any easier than the other because it’s a horrid situation anyway you look at it.   It’s just crappy in different ways for each of us.  It’s hard for me to know what’s right or what’s wrong in what I am doing.  I know that I am doing the best that I know how and I know that they are too.  I just wish that we could be in it together rather than playing the blame game especially since none of us really to blame for any of it.


Manic Monday

Random Swap Goodies Part 1
Adia received an awesome crochet kitty

I got my super huge wish.  A new take along embroidery organizer

Landon got a Minecraft Creeper Ami

An amazingly awesome Harry Potter Bleach Stenciled Tee


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