Rotten Tooth

Feel like I fell off the planet I have been so consumed with a bad tooth for the past week. I don't know that I have personally had to deal with anything as yucky as a bad tooth before.

Let me start off by saying that I HATE the dentist. I have an irrational fear of getting having work done on my mouth. I am not sure why...... I had countless cavities filled when I was a kid, no biggie, but as I got older and more aware of what they were actually doing in my mouth I started to freak.

7-8 years ago I had a filling fall out and I went to get it fixed since it caused such a toothache for me. The dental office I went to dropped the ball and ended up saying I needed a root canal rather than just fixing the filling. I said no way just pull the tooth. They refused. This same process went on for about a year. The tooth would get infected, I would go to a dentist, get antibiotics and ask them to pull the tooth. They all refused. Well finally my tooth abcessed and I was in the ER hooked up to IV antibiotics and pain killers. My poor mouth was so swollen that it made my face swollen and I looked as if I had the crap beaten out of me. I don't remember ever being so sick or in so much pain before. I finally got the tooth pulled....

Fast forward to the present. I had another filling fall out on the other side of my mouth. I didn't go in right away since it didn't really bother me and to be real cause I was scared shitless....
My kids both went in and had fillings done so I decided to woman up and get my filling fixed. Well screw me I waited too long and needed to have a root canal. I weighed my options, get it fixed or lose the tooth????? I decided to get it fixed.

In April I went in and had my root canal, it really wasn't a big deal. Expensive but no big deal except for the fact that it didn't heal. I had a lump on my gum above the tooth that wouldn't go away. It didn't hurt but if pressed produced lots of pressure in that particular tooth. The dentist prescribed antibiotics that didn't help and finally referred me to an endodontist.

A week ago I went to the endo who did x-rays and found out that I happen to have extra canals attached to this tooth which is abnormal. These canals were not seen by the original dentist and therefore were not cleaned. My root canal had to be redone. Lets just say that getting those extra deep canals cleaned was not pleasant. The novicane didn't numb that deep. I felt that drill. Basically the tooth was still infected and the orginal dentist trapped the infection in my tooth. I survived though and was thinking finally this is the end of having to deal with this rotten tooth.

No such luck. The infection flared up. My mouth was swollen and it felt like someone was sticking needles in there. Then came the pressure, I felt like my mouth was going to explode. I went back into the office and the dentist basically (sorry if this grosses you out) popped a hole in my gum and squeezed all the blood and yuck out to relieve the pressure. She compared it to popping a zit. Again this was not pleasant. Very not pleasant. My mouth swelled up quite a bit more. I was basically out of commission for 5 days. So now a week later I still have that damn bump on my gum, a healing hole/cut thing, and am on more antibiotics.

Man oh Man please cross your fingers that by the time I go back in next week to get everything finished up that this shit is all healed. I can take no more mouth zit popping action.

I am lazy and don't feel like posting photos of current crafts so you can check them out on Crafster
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and lots of stenciled items

I have also made quite a few baby items for an upcoming baby shower and am getting lots better with my Singer sewing machine


Zombie Queen said...

Oh god, I also have a horrible phobia of the dentist. I need some work done on my teeth but have held off for quite a while. So, I;m sure its all gotten much worse... >_< I will eventually go to the dentist. I keep putting it off. First it was because I was pregnant, then it was because I was pregnant again and now it is because I'm breastfeeding. I pray to the gods that you heal up without any more incidence.

Erin said...

Oh my heck! That does not sound like fun at all. Sorry your dentist experiences have been so crappy.

Hal quickly!!!

Bobby said...

I feel your pain. I used to be scared of going to a dentist even for a check up because I'm afraid they will find a problem. Well, recently, my wife went to her doctor's dental Maryville, TN clinic for teeth cleaning and she had to drag me along.

Since I was already there, I manned up and went for a teeth cleaning. To my surprise, it actually went very well and I was very impressed with my dentist in Maryville, TN. He was so good with his hands, I did not feel any pain.

I hope your swelling heals very soon, and have a fast recovery.


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