Happy Halloween

I am not sure why I find these pumkins puking pictures so funny but I do!

I can't believe it is already Halloween, before you know it Christmas will be here. I am dreading Christmas. I always get so stressed out! Ok lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet.....

The kids and I, well actually Adia and I carved our pumpkins last night. Landon refused to stick his hand in and pull out the pumpkin guts! Adia hand drew the face on her pumpkin and did most of the carving herself. Hers turned out so good. I used a pattern to do mine! Thank you Grandma for bringing us the pumpkins and they will be displayed in front of her house tonight (since we don't ever stay home)

I seriously cannot believe that anyone would do this to their dog! I mean some of these are pretty funny but I do have a hard time believing that any dog would actually wear any of these for any amount of time. Especially the princess one! A hot dog, a taco dog! I think it would be funny to dress a dog or cat up as an egg roll (LOL get it??)

Doggie costumes brought to us by http://www.glamourdog.com/costumes.html

There is a picture of me as a young one dressed up as Tweety Bird for Halloween. I don't remember it so I must have only been 2 or 3 but it was one of those plastic masks and smocks. What crappy costumes! I now know why kids all used to dress up in homemade costumes back then cause those were way better than anything that could be bought. I don't get why the smocks all just have a picture of the character?? Why not make it look like part of the characters wardrobe? Probably cause then no one would ever be able to figure out who the hell you are supposed to be! I mean seriously who would know that the following mask is supposed to be Scott Baio as Chachi??

Shouldn't the Flipper and Jaws smocks be blue or something? The eye holes on Jaws hmmmm..
Who the hell wants to be a Rubiks Cube? Was this really cool at some point?
Ok this just freaks me out for some reason! It just doesn't look right.
All the face masks are creepy with the blank staring eyes. I am not sure if they would look any better with someone actually wearing them. Kinda reminds me of Michael Meyers.......
Speaking of Michael Meyers, the Halloween series is my favorite horror series. It combines lots of suspense with just the right amount of blood and guts. www.halloweenmovies.com/ Unlike todays supposed horror movies they don't seem to go for the shock or gross out factor as much. I can't even stand to watch the crap they call scary anymore. It's just not scary, suspense scares me, moody music (such as the Halloween music) letting you know something is about to happen scares me, realistic situations scare me way more than some random "monster" chopping peoples heads off. Nothing gets my heart beating a little harder than that anticipation of what's going to happen next....
Also there is no plot to todays horror movies, they almost remind me of porn in that way. The story is just an after thought! Hey maybe I should write a horror porn movie??? Sex, gore, and crap plot? It would be easy money!
Here are a few sites that have pictures of ghosts, not sure what's real and what's fake but still fun to look at. Especially today..
Have a spooky day!


It's a Spooky Kinda Day

Look its the real Teletubbies! This is the scariest Halloween picture I have seen this year!

I FINALLY did it! I started an Etsy shop!! www.onecraftyme.etsy.com Check out the items I have for sale! New things will be added all the time. Just about everything can be customized. There is also a link to my crafty Myspace page on the right side of this blog. Check it out and show me some love!


Mmmm Candy

Today we are going to continue talks about Candy! I found some really disturbing candy that I am not sure that I could ever eat! I have already talked about Gummy Bacon previously so we won't go over that again! But today I will bring you........

Kooky Chew Human Dog Food! Who thinks up this stuff? I actually almost ordered this as a favor for a past birthday party that was going to be dog themed. I am glad we decided against it cause it really is just too weird! I mean this stuff actually looks like dog food. It is actually crunchy cookie kibbles and bits. The bone looks inedible and like it is made from rubber. So maybe you can eat the kibbles and give Rover the bone??

Ummm yeah, Crick-ettes YUMMO!

These are real crickets that are seasoned like potato chips. Do real people actually eat these? I mean I could maybe see Bubba eating plain ones down south for a tasty treat but who actually buys flavored crickets and eats them? I am really having a hard time with this. I know these aren't actually candy but I had to throw them in!

Here are Candy Viruses! The Cure, The Epidemic ,and The Virus! Great for playing pretend, you can poision all your friends! Make little kids think that you have the power to make them sick! Great fun for everyone...

Sweet Shot Hypodermic Needle Candy.

Are you joking? Lets teach the kids the benefits of the needles at an early age, let them know that when they grow up there will be an even better kind of candy in them.........Heroin!

Can it get any more disgusting? Chef Ghoulicious (with a name like that it's gotta be good) has made up some yummy Oozy, Sticky, Goo Filled ZIT Gummies! Plump & Ripe! Well you can't go wrong there can you?

I am not sure who did the art work on the box cause let me tell you, it's not making me want to buy these.

This one isn't so bad. It's a Marshmallow pop. Looks like a marshmallow all ready to be toasted over an open flame (save for the tiny stick, you would burn your hand off using that) but it is actually a mallow shaped and flavored lollie! Mmmmmm I love marshmallows. This is right up my alley.

Last but not least....

Mexican Dinner Candy! Who wouldn't want a gummy taco or chile? I guess since they have been making gummy hamburgers, ice cream, hot dogs, worms and bears for years the minorities were starting to feel left out. I also found gummy spaghetti and meatballs! Nothing statisfies like a whole gummy meal!
You want to see some more gross candy like the Doo Drop (yes it is what you think) or the Black Lung Bubble gum? Check out http://www.stupid.com/fun/all-of-our-candy.html to see all the ones I didn't show here. All this talk of candy has made me hungry, I wonder if they sell the cheese and bacon crickets anywhere near here?


Fall Fun

That is a pretty creepy tree if I do say so myself!
Today we will be counting down the 10 Most Disappointing Treats for Trick-or-Treaters
1. Toothbrushes
2. Raisins
3. Candy Corn
4. Smarties
5. Dum Dums
6. Apples (does anyone actually give these out anymore?)
7. Tootsie Rolls
8. Hard Candies (Everyone always gets at least one of those strawberry ones!)
9. Laffy Taffy (My kids like these..)
10. Anything Fun Sized
I don't think I agree with this list. What is wrong with Fun Sized Candy bars???????
Here is my top 10 List
1. Religious Comics- seriously if you don't think Halloween is right don't turn on your light!
2. Toothbrushes- I do agree who the heck wants a toothbrush?
3. Random Change- My bag does not say Unicef on it!
4. Hard Candies- Why waste your money, I just throw them away
5. Rasins- I save these for another time, Halloween=candy not health foods
6. Candy Corn-Gross
7. Apples-Poison anyone? Needles?
8. Nerds-I don't know who likes these anyway, one of the stupidest candies ever
9. Tiny Tootsie Rolls-Big Tootsie Rolls are fine, tiny ones mean you are cheap
10. Those mini candy bars-Why not just buy the fun sized? I mean they are all on sale anyway
What is your favorite Halloween treat to receive? I like to get the mini bags of popcorn!


Happy Fall

Well Happy Fall for everyone who doesn't live in Phoenix anyway! It's still in the 90's here which doesn't feel too much like fall to me. If it wasn't for the Pumkins and tons of Christmas decorations in the store I might think it was still May.

In any case we are trying to get into the Halloween Spirit this week so above is the first Halloweeny photo of the week for you to enjoy. Surprisingly a pretty good shot of my kiddos in the pumpkin patch. We had a busy weekend that involved a carnival, a BBQ, and Boo! at the Zoo.

Friday we went to dinner and drove by a little carnival and decided to stop. There wasn't much to it but the kids (and I) rode the super slide twice, the kids roller coaster, the little train, and the airplanes. It took a while but Jay and I talked Adia into riding on a bigger ride. All it did was go around in circles really fast and once it was all over with she had decided she liked it! Jay rode it with her and it seemed they had fun. I decided I don't particularly like the super slide, it's not the same as it was when you're a kid. Landon was all gung ho about going on it but once we got up there and I was ready to put him on my lap he looked down the slide and said, I don't think I want to go now! Too late! We ended up going down twice and then I was done!

Saturday Adia had her eyes checked and she is going to need glasses. The Dr. said that right now we can get away without them since she would need such a low perscription but we have to go back in 6 months to a year. She also said that her eyes will get progressively worse and she will probably have to wear glasses the rest of her life. She was actually disappointed that she wasn't getting them and I was relieved! I am not sure if she is ready to handle the responsibility of taking care of and keeping track of glasses yet.

We went to a BBQ at my moms house on Saturday night. It was nice to see my family and my grandma was there too. Good food as usual. Jay was at the ASU game, Pete and Cody were at the Coyotes game, and Luke was working so it was just me and the kids hanging out with my mom. I now know where I got my weirdness from and realized that my kids posess it too....

See look at these weirdos!

My mom took the kids and I critter hunting with the black light. Which means she took us to look for scorpions in her back yard so she could spray the shit out of them with some kind of bug killer. It was hilarious, Landon kept saying I am so freaked out, and Adia ran through the yard screaming after being shown a scorpion glowing in the black light. Then there is me wearing flip flops, curling my toes in so that nothing can get me. Oh what a bunch of weiners we are!
The kids and I tried to watch Ghostbusters on Saturday night but we all fell asleep in the living room. The last thing I remember thinking was man that monster thing looks like a piece of flying poop and damn that animation sucks!

Sunday we went to Boo! at the Zoo. We brought Cody along and had a great morning. By 12:30 it was too hot though so we headed out early. They had lots of Halloween activites and freebies along with a character parade that the kids loved. We got some great pictures while we were there. I especially love the one of them in the little pumpkin patch and this on of them in the giant clam. We did have two head injuries though, Adia bonked her head on a cement kangaroo snout, and Landon bonked his on a cement turtle shell! They both survived though and were able to brush the goats. I swear those stinky ass goats are always a hit. We don't even need to see any other animals while we are there, just go straight to the petting zoo, ride the tractors and go home. If I did that it sure would save me a heck of a lot of walking!
All in all it was a good weekend. I got nothing done but it was well worth it to just hang out and have fun with my kids. Next weekend is Halloween and the JDRF walk so again it will be busy.
I also started a new Myspace page which is dedicated soley to crafty items I have for sale.
I have also been assigned ANOTHER Disney swap partner! 3rd times a charm? This partner sounds promising as she has been sending me messages and has been asking me questions about what I like and such. So anyways, fingers crossed....
I will be back tomorrow with another Halloweeny photo for you to enjoy!


Happy Friday to you

Just a quick post today. I got my One Tiny Disney Thing in the mail yesterday and I love it. It is so "me" What a great pouch!

I'll be back next week with some Halloweeny fun!


Hump Day is here again

I will give you all some wonderful time wasters a bit farther down but first you must look at pictures of stuff I have made! Here are some purple earrings that were included in my whimsies jar. My partner has received her jar and says she loves these earrings. I also sent a purple butterfly cell charm but the picture turned out crappy of it. I have found that pictures of stuff I have made turn out really nice if I take them in the bathroom. Seems the best light in the house is in my front bathroom. Luckily no one can tell that is where the pics are taken though! Anyway, I want to find more beads like these cause they are super pretty. Here are the things I made Sundayafternoonhousewife for the Chocoholics Unanimous swap. Lets see there is a recipe box, a pencil case (love the fabric), a chocolate inspired necklace, a slide pendant kit, and some earrings. Also I sent her a ton of chocolate! I can't wait to receive my package from her.
My partner Turbo_mom received her one tiny Disney thing from me and it was an Ariel slide pendant. The necklace is reversible and has her first initial in some fun Disney type font on the backside. I am patiently (or not) awaiting my OTDT (one tiny Disney thing) from her. It was sent almost two weeks ago, stupid international shipping! I hope it arrives safely since I seem to be Disney swap cursed, still no Disney swap package and still no word from my swap angel.....
Okay time for swap status
Chocoholics Unanimous-sent and partner has received
Jar of Whimsies-sent and received, waiting for partner to post pics and receive feedback
OTDT-sent and parther has received
12 Days of Christmas-Currently crafting
Ornaments-Currently crafting
No more swaps for me until after Christmas, gotta pay for gifts and little missy's birthday party.

Okay thank you for looking at/loving my craftasticness, if anyone (not that anyone actually reads this) is interested in purchasing any items I post please let me know. I either have the items ready to send or can craft another for you. I will soon have a Myspace and Etsy dedicated to my handcrafted goods.

On to some time wasters!

Okay I am embarassed that I did so well on this candy bar quiz. I think it is a sign that I need to cut back on my chocolate consumption!

Another fun quiz for you all about the Simpsons. I remember this show when it first came out and we used to record every episode. Watching those first seasons is a trip to see how far the animation has come.

Here is another Simpson site. You know how they are always mocking real movies? Well this site shows you the scene from the Simpsons and the scenes from the real movies they are mocking. Pretty cool to see how accurate the animators are.

Last but not least I am giving you one more game. I remember playing this game in puzzle books and now I like to play it in bars on the touch screen games. Find the Differences...

Enjoy wasting time, try not to use them all in one shot. Next week is going to be dedicated to Halloween so I need to do some research


I am a Craftstar!

First I want to say thanks again to UHU Glue for sending me another fabulous sample! Octobers sample was the UHU Glue Roller and a little clipboard just waiting to be embellished. I had a little trouble getting the glue to roll out evenly at first but once I got the hang of it have decided I LOVE this product. The finished product is now hanging on my bulletin board being displayed proudly!

Last week I was also asked by two friends to make some jewelry for actual money! I was asked to make a cupcake bracelet and two necklaces. Here are the results! The cupcakes are actually pink and yellow not pink and gold!

Lastly I received two packages in the mail on Saturday, the first was my completely awesome Jar of Whimsies! I will definitely participate in the next round of this swap as it was so much fun. I got the best jar with so many little Disney thingamabobs included. Luckily for my my partner works and Disney World and has access to some great stuff. This is a picture of the whole lot of stuff spread out on the table! Yay for Whimsies!!!!

I had also done a small personal swap with someone who ordered me a little give of my Wist (online wishlist) It was these teeny tiny plastic charms which are so great! There were also a few little extras thrown it. I am definitly planning on ordering from them again. Thanks again to FicklePegaus for my great jar o' whimsies and to Pinkeeno for the little charms! Ahhhh I love swapping!

So I am now only doing the 12 Days of Christmas Mini Swap and the Holiday Ornaments Swap. I have sent for all the other swaps I am signed up for.

Rember the Disney Swap from months ago? Yeah well I still have yet to receive anything. I have not heard from my original partner or my angel.....

I think I am doomed to just get nothing!


Hump Day's a wasting

Who doesn't like to waste time? I know I do. One of my fave blogs used to do a feature called multi link Monday that gave lots of fun time wasting websites, quizzes and such. Well since I don't want to totally steal the idea I am going to do mine on Wednesdays!!!! I am also giving you the link to the place that started it all http://testpattern.msnbc.msn.com/

So first up we have the American accent quiz. Don't think you have an accent just cause you are from California? Take the quiz and find out!

I have a midland accent which is another way of saying I don't have an accent so to all those people in Montana who have claimed I have one HA!

Here a good one since Jay seems to think my maiden name is Polish based on the way it is pronounced. The Surname profiler thingamawhat
My maiden name is aha from Germany! Told you so!!!! Looks like my married name is also quite popular in Germany!

I can't read what's on here but it's awful fun to look at. Obviously they took kids drawings and reproduced the pictures with people. Pretty neat

This reminds me of a site I love where different artists draw a picture based on the same theme. It is cool to see all the different persepctives. Check out the kid creatures section to see why these two sites remind me of each other.

This site tickles my funny bone everytime. I know we have all known a passive aggressive person. These notes always have a way of reminding me of someone I know

Have you all heard of Post Secret yet? Started as a guy who left self addressed postcards all over asking people to send him annoymous secrets. He then took them and compiled them into a book. I purchased the book and some secrets made me laugh some made me cry and some disgusted me. Check out http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ and see some secrets of your own

Have fun wasting time!


Holy Goats and Real Deep Moats

Whew I am a poet! I really am in awe of that title....

So I seriously HATE being sick. Especially on a beautiful Christopher Columbus day like today. I am not sure what is wrong but I feel like crap today. Oh and I hate that Jay and kids get to stay home for Columbus day but I don't. I will be pouting now..........

So today I wanna give a run down of my past week for you all to live vicariously through me. Please try not to be jealous.
I got to go the Cardinals football game on 10/05 and had lots o beer drinking, stadium food eating, cheering fun. The Cardinals won and are doing pretty decent so far this season. Wow I guess there is a first time for everything. I love dressing up in my pink and white Cardinals clothes and showing some support for the home team (except when they play the Cowboys) Is it weird that even when supporting a manly man sport I have to wear a pink jersey and a pink/white/sparkly hat? Don't answer that cause really I don't care.
Back to football, WTF happened to the V families beloved Cowboys yesterday? They played the Cardinals and it was a great game but how can they have lost??? We were both disappointed that we weren't actually going to the game since tickets cost lots of moola we don't have but I am ACTUALLY glad that we weren't there. Did not have to face the walk of shame in the parking lot......
We hung out with my baby brother, made snacks, watched the game and I crafted. It was a very nice day, other than the stupid Cowboys losing. Dumbass Tony Romo who is now out for a month cause he broke his pinky.

So I made some homemade soft pretzels that turned out soooo good. Super easy too. I got the receipe from Kraft's website but can't seem to locate it now. If any one is interested in the recipe look it up there.
Another great recipe website I have found is http://www.thecookingguy.com/ I can't watch his show cause he is annoying but some of the recipes look super good. If I make any of them I will give a review. What I really like is that he uses regular stuff you can find in any grocery store, rather than things I can't find anywhere.

Another highlight to my week was going to Rockband Live on Wednesday night. There were so many tweens and teens it made me feel old but I really do like the music. I got to see Plain White T's, Dashboard Confessional, and for the second time this year Panic! at the Disco. Jay stood in line for a while and got me a poster signed by all the members of Plain White T's, so sweet. Poor Jay stayed for the whole show even though I know he was not liking it! Definitely not his type of music. I found that I REALLY enjoyed Dashboard Confessional and would like to download some stuff by him and check it out further. I was disappointed with Panic as it seems that they sang a lot of songs off their first album. I did like the first album and I think it was probably more popular but their second album Pretty Odd has such a great sound and shows how much they have matured (for only being 21) as artists. I hope they don't give up on their new stuff so easily.

A disappointment for me....
Jay and I recorded We are Marshall (sad story) watched it on Saturday night and found that the last 10-15 minutes of the mother trucking movie didn't record GOD DAMMIT

Oh and I watched TMNT with Lando yesterday and Raphael said and I quote "we gotta get the SHELL outta here" OMG OMG OMG he said SHELL.

I am so going to start saying shell instead of hell so don't be surprised when this is added into the dictionary of lindyisims alongside "moobies"

Swap Update:
Jar of Whimsies- Sent on Friday
Chocoholics-Sent on Friday and according to tracking info is in its destination city
OTDT- Sent on Friday, cross your fingers it is not held up in customs, my partner has sent to me also
12 Days of Christmas-Supplies ordered, one item completed, one started, shopping for one more thing...
I am super excited for this swap. I can't wait to get my supplies and really get to crafting.

So for today I recommend that you:::::::::
Check out Dashboard Confessional, The Hush Sound, Foxboro Hot Tubs, and Pretty Odd by Panic at the Disco
I also suggest you make yourself some snacks and check out Sam the Cooking Guys website for some good ideas

Damn I can't belive it's going to Christmas.....Better start shopping or I am going to be in trouble. How does this happen every year???


Mmmmmm Bacon.....

I will be the first to admit that I have very strange love of all things piggy. I don't mean like I like to collect pigs I mean I like to EAT pigs! I love ham, pork chops, pork ribs, but I especially love Bacon. I love to go to a breakfast buffet so I can eat lots of Bacon. Since I don't eat much else that is offered in places like that I have to eat my $15 worth in Bacon. I hate that my kids are getting older and like to eat Bacon cause that means there is less for me to eat. I DO NOT LIKE TO SHARE BACON!!!!!!!!! I am such a weirdo I know. For some strange reason Allen gets it, he understands about me and Bacon.

So everyone who reads this thing (which there aren't many of you I know) knows that I craft and participate in craft swaps. In my chocoholic swap I requested that my partner try to make me a Bacon pillow. I want a little pillow shaped like a strip of Bacon. (Again weird I know) If she doesn't make me one I am going ot sew one myself. I feel as if my bed and or desk will not be complete without a Bacon pillow to adorn it.

Now all of this Bacony talk does have a point. I would like to share with you some Bacon products that are quite unique. Some of them I would like to have and some are just plain weird. So here we go!

This is the bacon wallet! I wonder if it is bacon scented? Not sure if I would actually use this but I wouldn't mind having it for display purposes. I think it pretty much rocks.

Here we have the Bacon air freshner! I know I wouldn't want this in my own car cause it would seriously just make me hungry all the time. Or maybe it would make me want to throw up? Who knows. I do know that if anyone ever pissed me off I would love to stick one of these suckers under their seat and give them a nice surprise. I think it would be especially nice in the summer here in Arizona! This one sorta rocks only based on it's practical joke/paybacks a bitch potential.

This lunchbox is a wonder to behold and I think that Miss Adia will be carrying this to school next year and be the envy of all her friends. Or maybe I could get one and start the next fashion trend in Phoenix nightlife? Maybe I could actually weave REAL Bacon into a purse and that way if I get hungry I will always have a snack ready????? This rocks.

Ever get stuck and just don't know what to do? Well then you need the handy dandy What Would Bacon Do? Card. Just flick the strip pointer and get real world advice for every situation! Oink Oink!

Now Strawberry flavored gummy Bacon. Interesting, very very interesting. I think that because it looks like Bacon that no matter what it is flavored with my mind is going to make it taste like Bacon. So then it is going to taste like strawberry Bacon and then Bacon might be ruined for me forever. I really do think it would have just been better off being Bacon flavored Bacon don't you?

More Bacon candy but this one is acually a real Bacon candy bar. Now who in the hell would have thought to combine chocolate and Bacon. I know that these are both pretty wonderful things all on their own but together? And I thought I was weird. I am just not so sure and since I don't particularly like to try new things I don't think I will ever find out. There is only one word to describe this and it isn't exotic, it's gross.

Breakfast food felt finger puppets. I NEED to have these. Seriously how cute are these suckers????? These ROCK ROCK ROCK!

Bacon Angel Ornaments! My Christmas tree will be nakey without them. I don't want the fatty one in the middle though. My tree and I only like the lean Bacon. These definitely rock too!

Last but not least are Bacon Band-Aides. These aren't your normal bandages. I think I may go out of my way to cut my fingers just so that I can sport one of these babies for a few days! The only complaint I have is that they are raw. They would be so much better if they cooked Bacon bandages.

Now I would like to thank Archie McPhee http://www.mcphee.com/ for introducing to most of these yummy products and two random Flickr pictures that showed us that you can make Bacon if only you have the right materials.

Now to find some amusment out of my kids being silly

Because yes I do actually love my kids more than Bacon (but it's pretty close)



So I got an awesome sample of glue from UHU along with a metal case to decorate. This shows my second attempt since the first didn't turn out so well. You can check out their blog and maybe get a free sample for yourself http://www.gluewithuhu.com/ Thanks UHU!!!



I received my altered Altoid tin last week and what a spectacular tin it is! Seriously puts the one I made to shame. It is a mini graveyard with moss and teeny tiny little rocks all around the headstones. I was so amazed when I opened this box and found this inside.

These are the goodies that were inside of my tin. Some super cute marble magnets, earrings, little orange pouch, pumpkin necklace and lip balm. Now I am not all that much into Halloween but I am definitely going to have wear that jewelry cause it is pretty awesome. You can't tell but that orange bead on the necklace is kind of multi swirly colored bead. She also popped in an extra mini tombstone. Not sure what I will do with it but it's pretty cool regardless! If you are interested in seeing some of the other tins that have been made check out the swap gallery of goodness http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=269630.0

Swap Update:

I am currently signed up for:

One Tiny Disney Thing- waiting for a partners to be assigned

Chocoholics Unanimous- which all my items are crafted and chocolate all purchased

Jar of Mini Whimsies- boxed up and ready to go

12 Days of Christmas Mini Swap- just sent in questionnaire, waiting for approval.

My swap angel from the Disney swap let me know that she will be sending out my box next week! I am so excited to FINALLY receive something from this swap. I know she is including some handmade and store bought items. Also sounds like there might be some surprises in there for my kiddos too.

I have been teaching myself to crochet and seem to have the basics down. I want to make a scarf but for some reason it seems to me as if my scarf is getting skinnier! I think I may have to do some more research to find out what I am doing wrong. I am also wanting to learn how to go in a circle so I can made a hat. I find that I have trouble using any kind of fancy yarn. I can't ever see the stiches in the chain to start a new row....Guess I will have to keep practicing.

Thanks to my Dad for sending me a gift card to go towards the purchase of a much needed crafty item. The only stipulation is that I have to pass my Life and Health test first. So I guess I better get back to studying now that things have calmed down around here!!!!!


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