Hump Day is here again

I will give you all some wonderful time wasters a bit farther down but first you must look at pictures of stuff I have made! Here are some purple earrings that were included in my whimsies jar. My partner has received her jar and says she loves these earrings. I also sent a purple butterfly cell charm but the picture turned out crappy of it. I have found that pictures of stuff I have made turn out really nice if I take them in the bathroom. Seems the best light in the house is in my front bathroom. Luckily no one can tell that is where the pics are taken though! Anyway, I want to find more beads like these cause they are super pretty. Here are the things I made Sundayafternoonhousewife for the Chocoholics Unanimous swap. Lets see there is a recipe box, a pencil case (love the fabric), a chocolate inspired necklace, a slide pendant kit, and some earrings. Also I sent her a ton of chocolate! I can't wait to receive my package from her.
My partner Turbo_mom received her one tiny Disney thing from me and it was an Ariel slide pendant. The necklace is reversible and has her first initial in some fun Disney type font on the backside. I am patiently (or not) awaiting my OTDT (one tiny Disney thing) from her. It was sent almost two weeks ago, stupid international shipping! I hope it arrives safely since I seem to be Disney swap cursed, still no Disney swap package and still no word from my swap angel.....
Okay time for swap status
Chocoholics Unanimous-sent and partner has received
Jar of Whimsies-sent and received, waiting for partner to post pics and receive feedback
OTDT-sent and parther has received
12 Days of Christmas-Currently crafting
Ornaments-Currently crafting
No more swaps for me until after Christmas, gotta pay for gifts and little missy's birthday party.

Okay thank you for looking at/loving my craftasticness, if anyone (not that anyone actually reads this) is interested in purchasing any items I post please let me know. I either have the items ready to send or can craft another for you. I will soon have a Myspace and Etsy dedicated to my handcrafted goods.

On to some time wasters!

Okay I am embarassed that I did so well on this candy bar quiz. I think it is a sign that I need to cut back on my chocolate consumption!

Another fun quiz for you all about the Simpsons. I remember this show when it first came out and we used to record every episode. Watching those first seasons is a trip to see how far the animation has come.

Here is another Simpson site. You know how they are always mocking real movies? Well this site shows you the scene from the Simpsons and the scenes from the real movies they are mocking. Pretty cool to see how accurate the animators are.

Last but not least I am giving you one more game. I remember playing this game in puzzle books and now I like to play it in bars on the touch screen games. Find the Differences...

Enjoy wasting time, try not to use them all in one shot. Next week is going to be dedicated to Halloween so I need to do some research

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