Mmmm Candy

Today we are going to continue talks about Candy! I found some really disturbing candy that I am not sure that I could ever eat! I have already talked about Gummy Bacon previously so we won't go over that again! But today I will bring you........

Kooky Chew Human Dog Food! Who thinks up this stuff? I actually almost ordered this as a favor for a past birthday party that was going to be dog themed. I am glad we decided against it cause it really is just too weird! I mean this stuff actually looks like dog food. It is actually crunchy cookie kibbles and bits. The bone looks inedible and like it is made from rubber. So maybe you can eat the kibbles and give Rover the bone??

Ummm yeah, Crick-ettes YUMMO!

These are real crickets that are seasoned like potato chips. Do real people actually eat these? I mean I could maybe see Bubba eating plain ones down south for a tasty treat but who actually buys flavored crickets and eats them? I am really having a hard time with this. I know these aren't actually candy but I had to throw them in!

Here are Candy Viruses! The Cure, The Epidemic ,and The Virus! Great for playing pretend, you can poision all your friends! Make little kids think that you have the power to make them sick! Great fun for everyone...

Sweet Shot Hypodermic Needle Candy.

Are you joking? Lets teach the kids the benefits of the needles at an early age, let them know that when they grow up there will be an even better kind of candy in them.........Heroin!

Can it get any more disgusting? Chef Ghoulicious (with a name like that it's gotta be good) has made up some yummy Oozy, Sticky, Goo Filled ZIT Gummies! Plump & Ripe! Well you can't go wrong there can you?

I am not sure who did the art work on the box cause let me tell you, it's not making me want to buy these.

This one isn't so bad. It's a Marshmallow pop. Looks like a marshmallow all ready to be toasted over an open flame (save for the tiny stick, you would burn your hand off using that) but it is actually a mallow shaped and flavored lollie! Mmmmmm I love marshmallows. This is right up my alley.

Last but not least....

Mexican Dinner Candy! Who wouldn't want a gummy taco or chile? I guess since they have been making gummy hamburgers, ice cream, hot dogs, worms and bears for years the minorities were starting to feel left out. I also found gummy spaghetti and meatballs! Nothing statisfies like a whole gummy meal!
You want to see some more gross candy like the Doo Drop (yes it is what you think) or the Black Lung Bubble gum? Check out http://www.stupid.com/fun/all-of-our-candy.html to see all the ones I didn't show here. All this talk of candy has made me hungry, I wonder if they sell the cheese and bacon crickets anywhere near here?

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