I am a Craftstar!

First I want to say thanks again to UHU Glue for sending me another fabulous sample! Octobers sample was the UHU Glue Roller and a little clipboard just waiting to be embellished. I had a little trouble getting the glue to roll out evenly at first but once I got the hang of it have decided I LOVE this product. The finished product is now hanging on my bulletin board being displayed proudly!

Last week I was also asked by two friends to make some jewelry for actual money! I was asked to make a cupcake bracelet and two necklaces. Here are the results! The cupcakes are actually pink and yellow not pink and gold!

Lastly I received two packages in the mail on Saturday, the first was my completely awesome Jar of Whimsies! I will definitely participate in the next round of this swap as it was so much fun. I got the best jar with so many little Disney thingamabobs included. Luckily for my my partner works and Disney World and has access to some great stuff. This is a picture of the whole lot of stuff spread out on the table! Yay for Whimsies!!!!

I had also done a small personal swap with someone who ordered me a little give of my Wist (online wishlist) It was these teeny tiny plastic charms which are so great! There were also a few little extras thrown it. I am definitly planning on ordering from them again. Thanks again to FicklePegaus for my great jar o' whimsies and to Pinkeeno for the little charms! Ahhhh I love swapping!

So I am now only doing the 12 Days of Christmas Mini Swap and the Holiday Ornaments Swap. I have sent for all the other swaps I am signed up for.

Rember the Disney Swap from months ago? Yeah well I still have yet to receive anything. I have not heard from my original partner or my angel.....

I think I am doomed to just get nothing!

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Alyssa said...

Beautiful altered clipboard! The UHU Glue Roller does take some getting used to but I love the fact that there is not drying time. Just glue and ready to go.



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