Fall Fun

That is a pretty creepy tree if I do say so myself!
Today we will be counting down the 10 Most Disappointing Treats for Trick-or-Treaters
1. Toothbrushes
2. Raisins
3. Candy Corn
4. Smarties
5. Dum Dums
6. Apples (does anyone actually give these out anymore?)
7. Tootsie Rolls
8. Hard Candies (Everyone always gets at least one of those strawberry ones!)
9. Laffy Taffy (My kids like these..)
10. Anything Fun Sized
I don't think I agree with this list. What is wrong with Fun Sized Candy bars???????
Here is my top 10 List
1. Religious Comics- seriously if you don't think Halloween is right don't turn on your light!
2. Toothbrushes- I do agree who the heck wants a toothbrush?
3. Random Change- My bag does not say Unicef on it!
4. Hard Candies- Why waste your money, I just throw them away
5. Rasins- I save these for another time, Halloween=candy not health foods
6. Candy Corn-Gross
7. Apples-Poison anyone? Needles?
8. Nerds-I don't know who likes these anyway, one of the stupidest candies ever
9. Tiny Tootsie Rolls-Big Tootsie Rolls are fine, tiny ones mean you are cheap
10. Those mini candy bars-Why not just buy the fun sized? I mean they are all on sale anyway
What is your favorite Halloween treat to receive? I like to get the mini bags of popcorn!

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