Hump Day's a wasting

Who doesn't like to waste time? I know I do. One of my fave blogs used to do a feature called multi link Monday that gave lots of fun time wasting websites, quizzes and such. Well since I don't want to totally steal the idea I am going to do mine on Wednesdays!!!! I am also giving you the link to the place that started it all http://testpattern.msnbc.msn.com/

So first up we have the American accent quiz. Don't think you have an accent just cause you are from California? Take the quiz and find out!

I have a midland accent which is another way of saying I don't have an accent so to all those people in Montana who have claimed I have one HA!

Here a good one since Jay seems to think my maiden name is Polish based on the way it is pronounced. The Surname profiler thingamawhat
My maiden name is aha from Germany! Told you so!!!! Looks like my married name is also quite popular in Germany!

I can't read what's on here but it's awful fun to look at. Obviously they took kids drawings and reproduced the pictures with people. Pretty neat

This reminds me of a site I love where different artists draw a picture based on the same theme. It is cool to see all the different persepctives. Check out the kid creatures section to see why these two sites remind me of each other.

This site tickles my funny bone everytime. I know we have all known a passive aggressive person. These notes always have a way of reminding me of someone I know

Have you all heard of Post Secret yet? Started as a guy who left self addressed postcards all over asking people to send him annoymous secrets. He then took them and compiled them into a book. I purchased the book and some secrets made me laugh some made me cry and some disgusted me. Check out http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ and see some secrets of your own

Have fun wasting time!

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