Disneyland Bucket List

We have booked our next trip to Disneyland for spring of 2015 and I am already so EXCITED!   We learned lots of things that worked and didn't work for our family while we were there a year ago and I think we will have even more fun this time around.  There were a few things that we didn't get to do last year that I really want to try to do this time around.  For some reason a lot of things on my list revolve around food... I guess it's a good thing a trip to Disney requires a lot of walking!  Here is my bucket list (so far)

  1. Eat as many Mickey shaped items as we can and take photos of them all
  2. Eat a corn dog
  3. Get popcorn in a fun bucket
  4. Visit the Animation Academy
  5. See Muppet Vision
  6. See the Monsters Inc. Show in DCA
  7. Ride Big Thunder Mountain
  8. Eat a Dole Whip
  9. Go to the Tiki Room
  10. Visit Pooh’s Corner to get some sweet treats
  11. Try the Pommes Frites, Monte Cristo, beignets, and mint julep from Café Orleans
  12. Ride the Haunted Mansion in all it’s original glory (it was done up for Halloween on our last visit
  13. Ride the Disneyland Railroad
  14. Try a Matterhorn Macaroon
  15. Eat the Fried Chicken at The Plaza Inn
  16. Watch a Parade
  17. Maybe attempt to ride The Tower of Terror again…..
  18. Ride California Screamin’
  19. Get my picture taken with Mickey
  20. Watch the Jedi Training Academy show again
You can check out tips and tricks and my food reviews from our 2013 trip


Craft Supplies

I try to link back to different sites where I buy my supplies when I post a project but I thought it would be nice to have a post where you can find the links to all kinds of great supply places.  

Retro Café Art Gallery- They sell all kinds of really cool altered art supplies.  I buy a lot of my shrine kits from here.  They have new stuff every week, giveaways on Facebook, and host a few art swaps each year.

Alpha Stamps- Another great site with tons of altered art supplies.  They sell a lot of really neat scrapbook paper that isn’t found as easily in stores.  They also have giveaways every few weeks if you sign up for their emails or follow the blog.

Red Lead Paperworks- More Altered Art supplies! This site seems to lean more towards the ATC style artwork.  Stamps and stencils galore.  Free images if you sign up for their emails.

The Graphics Fairy- Free Images, tutorials,and more!

Silhouette Store- Now this site will not be useful to you unless you have a Silhouette Cameo but if you do you need to go and get your free shape of the week every Tuesday and sign up for their emails to find out about sales and such.  They also have a great blog with tutorials and fun project ideas.

Pick Your Plum- This site has new deals every day for fun stuff including but not limited to craft supplies.  

Etsy- I buy A LOT of stuff from Etsy.  From unique embroidery patterns to beads to fabric they have it all and you can support someones small business buy buying from them.  A trick I use to make sure I am getting the most for my money is add similar items from different sellers to my cart then take a look at the total cost including shipping.  While I love Etsy and the sellers I have found that some people charge WAY too much for shipping.  Also be wary that people from all over the world sell on Etsy so if you want something from a US seller only or want something shipped quick verify where the shop is located.

Prima Bead- They have free patterns, unique beads, and free shipping!  

Kitschy Digitals- Unique hand embroidery patterns, printables, crochet patterns, etc.

Urban Threads-Sells machine and hand embroidery patterns in just about any and every theme you can think of.  Hand embroidery patterns are only $1!

Sublime Stitching-Embroidery patterns, thread, textiles, and embroidery tools.

A few others that I haven’t purchased from but have in my favorites are:
Cutetape- which has a huge supply of washi tapes
Papermart- All sorts of fun paper supplies including ribbon, washi tape, and more.
ArtCove-Tons of different supplies with great prices

These sites are by no means the only places I shop but these are the ones that I shop or browse the most often.  Hope you can find some fun stuff to create with!


Note Cards Cut With the Silhouette Cameo

I got a Silhoutte Cameo die cutting machine for my birthday a few years ago and for the most part it’s been a rather expensive paperweight.  I am not sure why it has taken me so long to really get down and use this machine since it can do so many different things.  I think because there is a learning curve but Youtube videos and other bloggers’ tutorials have really helped.  I have used it to cut freezer paper for stencils, cut felt, made rubber stamps, and cut some paper designs.  The project that really got me into this machine though is making note cards.  I am a bit addicted now. 

I keep buying different designs and picturing different ways to make the cards.  As with anything else there was a bit of a learning curve.  The first set of cards I made I cut the designs and the actual cards out and tried different methods of piecing everything together.

 As you can see they turned out okay but needed some improvement.

With my next sets I decided to buy blank note cards and envelopes and just cut the designs out and attach them to the cards.  I also decided to try using a spray adhesive to attach all the parts. 

Success!!! These turned out so much cleaner than my first attempts.  I now also have the option to layer different pieces to create my own unique cards using different elements from different designs.  I have two cutting mats and using 12X12 cardstock I cut a bunch of designs out of different colors and then piece things together.

Just about every future swap partner I have is going to be receiving either a set of note cards or one handmade card from me.  Also I don't think I will continue to buy birthday cards when I can just make my own!


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