Foodie Friday-Pesto Potatoes

As you can see I am no food blogger
 I don't take fancy pictures of the food I make, I take pictures of it on my plate before I eat it!  So please disregard my crappy photography and instead just try this recipe!

It's another one that I found floating around on Pinterest and since I just happened to have some Trader Joe's Pesto in the fridge so I made it to go with Sunday dinner.


 Sundays are my relaxing days and I don't really want to think about or make a huge elaborate meal but at the same time I want to put something nice on the table since I technically have the time to do it.  What usually happens is I make something that I can prep in the morning then just have to toss in the oven or on the grill when we are ready to eat.  I also like to find recipes that look and taste fancy but are actually really simple like these potatoes.

For this one you will need:
3-4 Potatoes.  I used Russet but I think these would work with any kind
3/4 Cup Pesto
Grated Parmesan Cheese

Preheat the oven to 450
Spray a prepared pan with non stick spray
Cut the potatoes into cubes
Toss the potatoes and pesto together in a sealed plastic bag until coated
Spread on pan
Sprinkle with cheese
Bake for 25-30 minutes

Make sure to use lots of non stick spray, I thought I had but these really stuck to the pan and it was pain to get them off!

Original Recipe from Six Sisters Stuff

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