Happy New Year

My end of year came with some bad news. My little brother was in a nasty snowboarding accident a few days ago. He is still in the hospital but from what I have heard today he is doing better. I am so relieved that to hear that he is going to be okay especially since it could have been so much worse. I haven't had many heart stopping moments but when my dad said he was in an accident, it sure was one of them. I am hoping he has a speedy recovery and no lasting side effects. He is going to be down and out for a while which I am sure won't sit well with him as he is an active free spirit kinda guy. So gotta say I love you lots little brother and I wish I could be in Montana right now with you.

It's time to make some resolutions that I probably won't stick to but at this point I am determined to try. The first one is to get healthy, this includes working out, eating better, and quitting smoking (again, sorry dad I started back up). My plan is to start with the working out and eating better to lose some weight and then quit smoking since I gained so much the last time.

Next we are going to do some improvements to the house I am renting from my parents, they have agreed to pay for tile and screens. Ryan and I are going to do the labor ourselves and they are providing the financing!

The last is to start saving some money in the hopes of purchasing my own home. Renting has it's perks but it kinda feels like throwing money away. Also with home prices the way they are now is the perfect time to buy. It won't happen overnight which is why I am still going to do some improvments around here!

2009 was a really good year for me and I can only hope that 2010 will either meet it or top it!


Oh the Holiday Season is over (Thank GOD)

Okay so in my earlier post I was actually excited about Christmas but the closer it got the more grinchy I felt. I listened to Christmas music everyday, we watched Christmas movies every night, I had everything all prepared and ready to go....

But the closer it came the more I just wanted it to be over. I decided that the best thing was the long weekend. Well Christmas has come and gone and it was pretty anti-climactic. All the months of build up and it was done and over with by 8:00 AM Chrismas morning when I dropped the kids off to their dad. Now all I have to look forward to is putting all these new toys away, putting the decorations away until next year, and losing the weight I gained from all the goodies I ate. It's not as much fun as it was when I was a kid. There were quite a few things that I did enjoy and I will list them here as proof that I am not a complete Bah Humbug Scrooge..

I enjoyed picking out gifts for everyone

I really enjoyed seeing family and spending time with them

I enjoyed the wine I drank

I really enjoyed all the goodies my aunt made (she makes the best sugar cookies) and the spritz cookies my grandma made (BEST EVER)

I loved seeing the kids faces when they woke up Christmas morning and saw the tree with lots of presents underneath it

I loved getting to spend Christmas day with Ryan but it was bittersweet

I loved all the great pictures that my brother took

I loved being able to donate toys and food to the less fortunate

Overall it was a good holiday but I am glad that it's over for another year. I don't know if the season begins to early or if it doesn't last long enough. Now it's almost the new year and time for some resolutions that I probably won't keep!


Tis the Season

Happy Holidays! For once I am actually super excited about the holidays. I am actually prepared ahead of time. I have finished all my shopping and all I need to do is wrap. I am so excited about some of these presents I have picked out. I got the perfect things for my kids, my BFF, and the hardest person ever to shop for, Ryan! I have purchased all the stuff I need for baking. So for you lucky few be expecting some cherry blossoms, buckeyes, Oreo truffles, pretzel bark, and red velvet cake balls. We have decorated the tree which the cats are determined to destroy. I keep squirting them with the spray bottle but so far it hasn't deterred them much. I have even done Christmas cards this year. I have been listening to Christmas music at work and it seems like all I need is a little snow! (but really no thanks, I am already freezing)
Plans are in full swing for Adia's birthday party. We will be having it a week early since she will be at her dads on her birthday weekend. There have been a ton of people invited. It will be nice to get together with so many family and friends. I am going shopping today for the snacks she has requested be served. She decided on Doritos, fruit and marshmallows with chocolate dip, popcorn, and chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I am actually going to make a second cake just in case we need it. I will probably also get a few more snacks to broaden the menu a bit! The theme is Pink Cowgirl, I also have some regular plates for the boys who may not really want to eat off of girly plates. She decided to give out ornament craft kits to everyone for favors. I think we are all ready to go and this is shaping up to be the biggest party for her yet!
We averted disaster earlier this week when Adia's hamster Fluffy escaped from his cage. I was so afraid I was going to come home from work and be picking up little hamster parts cause the cats caught him but no. Turns out we should have named him Lucky instead of Fluffy! I had locked the cats in a bedroom to do a better search for the little rodent but had to go back in for something and lo and behold there was Fluffy! I had locked him in with the cats!!! He was scampering away from the cats who were ready to pounce when I snatched him up and saved him. YES I AM A HAMSTER HERO!!!!!!!!! No applause necessary, really it's what any mom would have done.

Altered Altoid Tin

I went for a shoe theme. Not sure if the receipeint even really likes shoes.... the magnets inside are all high heels and the outside has lots of different wellies. I sometimes wish I lived somewhere more wet so I could wear wellies and not look like a total jackass.

Count Chocula

Another stenciled shirt. Made for Tero in a personal swap we did. I love the way he turned out and want to make one for myself to wear next year. I also have the stencils for the Boo Berry Ghost and Frankenberry!



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