Happy New Year

My end of year came with some bad news. My little brother was in a nasty snowboarding accident a few days ago. He is still in the hospital but from what I have heard today he is doing better. I am so relieved that to hear that he is going to be okay especially since it could have been so much worse. I haven't had many heart stopping moments but when my dad said he was in an accident, it sure was one of them. I am hoping he has a speedy recovery and no lasting side effects. He is going to be down and out for a while which I am sure won't sit well with him as he is an active free spirit kinda guy. So gotta say I love you lots little brother and I wish I could be in Montana right now with you.

It's time to make some resolutions that I probably won't stick to but at this point I am determined to try. The first one is to get healthy, this includes working out, eating better, and quitting smoking (again, sorry dad I started back up). My plan is to start with the working out and eating better to lose some weight and then quit smoking since I gained so much the last time.

Next we are going to do some improvements to the house I am renting from my parents, they have agreed to pay for tile and screens. Ryan and I are going to do the labor ourselves and they are providing the financing!

The last is to start saving some money in the hopes of purchasing my own home. Renting has it's perks but it kinda feels like throwing money away. Also with home prices the way they are now is the perfect time to buy. It won't happen overnight which is why I am still going to do some improvments around here!

2009 was a really good year for me and I can only hope that 2010 will either meet it or top it!

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