I'm Always Late Clock

 I made this clock for a claim in the Ongoing Wish Swap.  Here is the pin it was inspired by.  I asked my partner what colors she would like and used those rather than what they had in the original.  I purchased a canvas and the clock parts at Michaels.  I painted the canvas and cut the words and letters out in vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.  I had some issues with the vinyl sticking to the canvas and had to improvise a few things.  After I got everything placed on there I sprayed it with a sealer and attached the clock hands.  

This poor package ended up being returned to me as I put the wrong street name on it.  It was battered by the time it made it's way back to my doorstep.  I had to do some fixing before I could resend it.  I had also made this as an extra for my partner:
and it was completely destroyed.  I couldn't find another bell jar when I went back to Michael's so I had to redo the entire thing and I wasn't as happy with the result.  I still sent it but it was rather disappointing all around.

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