Craft Fail

I yet again participated in the Ongoing Wish Swap and made a claim for kittykill for a hoopla she had pinned.  It was my first time using a water soluble marker to trace my pattern to the fabric and I was so happy with how easy it was!  I stitched up the gorgeous vintage May Pole with birds and flowers. Then I rinsed it out to get rid of the pattern.  

This is what happened:
well I was bit upset.  I have never had thread bleed like that.  All that work stitching down the tubes.  Not to mention I was supposed to be sending out this package in like two days!  

So I went back to stalking Pinterest to find some ideas cause I knew I wouldn't have time to do an entire large embroidery project.  I ended up sending her the wrap bracelets (posted last week) that were already finished along with a smaller hoop and a felt bunny glasses case.  

I am not as happy with this hoop.  I am not sure why it looks off to me... It's a sassy vintage bird pattern I had pinned.

I do quite like the way the glasses case turned out though.  I decided to use brown felt for the bunny since it's close to Easter and chocolate bunnies are everywhere!

I hope the package was liked and I learned a lesson.  I will test all thread to make sure it doesn't bleed before ruining another project!

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