Handmade Baby Stuffs

I have a friend who is having a baby in the very near future and I decided to try my crafty skills out to make something for baby Brody. I am so happy with how some of these things turned out and I wish I had tapped into my creative side back when I had babies.

I made not one but two hats! They look so tiny but probably won't even fit him at first. I used my Knifty Knitter loom to make these since knitting with needles is beyond me. I have larger looms and could probably actually make hats for my kids but I doubt they would wear them and baby stuff is just cuter anyway!

A long long while ago I saw a blog post about bibs made from a bandana and dishcloth. I have no idea the blog (if it's yours let me know) but the idea stuck in my head. I decided to make my own bib. I am not sure if this is the way it's supposed to be done but it works. It's washable, and quite long to offer maximum protection. Landon is modeling in my super crappy picture. He looks like he is ready to go eat some ribs...

Then I made some burp cloths. My grandma made something similar for me when I had both my kids and I LOVED them. I have since learned that I should have used disposable diapers and just prettied them up since the fleece I used is soft but not super absorbant.
Well I guess fleece was good enough for my kids it will be good enough for this kid too.

This last item too the most time and is something I am quite proud of. It's a crochet baby blanket. It's was the largest thing I had crocheted at the time. It's simple and I cheated and used varigated yarn but I still like it! I still can't crochet anything much more complicated than this but I am working on it....

I am glad I decided to go the handmade route. I was kind of afraid that I would feel cheap but I actually made useful items and I put my own work into them. I hope the receipiants feel the same way!

It has actually inspired me to do more of a handmade holiday this year. All the kids in my family and the family I exchange gifts with will be getting handmade items. My kids will also be getting handmade stuff along with a few store bought goodies. So if you have any good ideas for me please send them my way!


Kira said...

Awesome stuff! I think it's really generous and kind of you to make so many useful things. I usually make one hat and call it good, lol.

Sharon Camp said...

Your handmade work is beautiful. I made baby quilts, each unique and different and all from 100% baby cottom flannel. SEW soft.

Come see.


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