$1 Store Craft-Haunted Mirror

I got the idea for this ghostly mirror from Better Homes & Gardens. I apologize this isn't the greatest photo of it. You can create this mirror for under $5.

You will need:

A mirror. I purchased a framed mirror at my local Dollar Tree

Sand Paper

Vellum and printer paper

A spooky image

First sand the BACK of the mirror in the spot you want your image to show. Sand it until you can see through it. I didn't understand the first step and started to sand on the front of the mirror. Ooops!

Print your chosen image on a piece of plain white paper and again on a piece of vellum or transparent paper.

Tape the image on vellum to the clear spot on the mirror.

Tape the second image on top of the first making sure it's just a little off center.

I think that next time I will try to find a smaller (possibly vintage looking? mirror and make my ghostly image a bit larger. Then display the mirror using a plate display.
I would also like to share a very simple stamped card I made and included in a Halloween swap package. I scored the stamp at Michael's for $1

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