Meow oh I mean BOO!

I think that dressing your dog up for Halloween can be really cute, you know the weiner dog as a hot dog?? I never thought of dressing up cat. Well I guess what I mean is that I am not brave enough to try to dress up a cat. My experience with cats has all been good as long as you always remember to do things on their terms otherwise the claws come out and yes I have been on recieving end of the claws. I am a quick learner though and it usually only takes one time for me to figure out to NEVER EVER do that to the cat again. So hats off to these brave souls who either drugged their cats or had them declawed.....
I think the cowboy needs to loosen up the reins a bit he's choking the life out of his cat/horse.

Here we have the real life inspiration for Puss in Boots. Those Shrek animators got him down just right!
Ahoy Matey's!!!!! ARGH. Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Milk
This kitty knows that this costume is all wrong. He is saying Really?
Catabunga Dudes!
Good luck to you if you plan on dressing up your cat for Halloween.....

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