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Oh the food.  I literally spent MONTHS looking at and drooling over all the food stuffs that can be found at DLR.  There are so many amazing things to eat in the parks.  Since we were only there for 3 days I wasn’t able to eat everything on my Disney Foods bucket list but I did get quite a few in. I wish I had photos for you but well umm I just ate most stuff right away....
Here is my Disney Foods Bucket List-

Things I tried:

   The Cozy Cone Motel Eats- We tried the churro bites, the pretzel bites, and the Chili Cone.   All three offerings were just okay.  The churro bites were a bit to crunchy as if they had been left sitting for a while and the pretzel bites weren’t anything special.  I didn’t try the chili but was told it’s no better than what you can get for $1 at Wendy’s.

Cheese Flatbread from Tangora Terrace inside The Disneyland Hotel.  Not bad for “fast food” but wasn’t great and is in no way a meal for an adult.
Fun bendy straw in my rummy adult beverage

Shrunken Zombie Head, alcoholic beverage from Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar.  Very Tasty!

Krakatoa Punch, another alcoholic beverage from Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar.  This one came with an awesome tiki glass that I got to take home.
Me getting ready to bite into corndog heaven

  The Corndogs-oh these are the BEST corndogs.  They are hand dipped and fried to perfection.  Since they also happen to be huge they work as a meal unto themselves.  For $6.75 you get the dog and either a bag of chips or apple slices.  If you go to the Corndog Castle in DCA you can get the classic dog, a cheddar cheese filled dog, or a spicy sausage dog.  Otherwise you can find the classic corndogs on the Little Red Wagon or at the Stage Door Café in Disneyland.  Adia tried the Cheddar Dog and wasn’t overly impressed.  It looked like a large lump of cold cheese to me.  Stick with the classic and you will be just fine. 

 Popcorn!  Who knew popcorn could be so good?  Not a bad deal either considering you are in Disneyland.  We got a Halloween themed Souviner bucket filled for $6.  It was nice since it had a lid so we could munch all day.  

  Did I mention the Dole Whips?  I do not have the words to describe how good that fluffly pineappley frozen concotion was.  I tried the float but next time will just get the whip on it’s own.  I will also share since it’s a pretty large serving!  
Ryan is going to eat the ears first
   Mickey Soft Pretzel-It’s fun to have a Mickey shaped pretzel and it’s not bad if you want to munch on the run but it’s really nothing special.  I have heard the cream cheese one is good but we just got a plain salted one. 

      Chicken and Fries- The Stage Door Café is tucked into a corner in Frontierland and serves chicken and fries, Corndogs, Fish & Chips, and Funnel Cakes.  We got the chicken nuggets and fries and Adia got the kids power pack.  The portions were good, the prices were okay, and the food was tasty.  We even had leftovers which I put away in the backpack and the kids ate later in the hotel room.

        Tigger Tails-Found in Pooh’s Corner in Critter Country.  I like marshmallows.  I especially like them if they are dipped in chocolate.  I have never had anything as good as these though.  Disney’s homemade marshmallows threaded onto a stick, dipped in caramel, then dipped in chocolate.  I brought one of these home with me and kept in the fridge so it could be savored for a few days.
 Peanutbutter Sandwich-Found in Pooh’s Corner too.  I also happen to like peanut butter… peanut butter smooshed between two graham crackers then covered in chocolate?  Yeah I REALLY like that.

Things I have yet to try:
 Plaza Inn Fried Chicken-Found at the Plaza Inn.  Reviews say this is THE BEST Fried Chicken around.  We didn’t make there but it is a must do for a future
      Bengal Barbecue-This is a little stand that serves meat on a stick.  While I would like to try the spicy Banyan Beef Skewer, the bacon wrapped asparagus Safari Skewer is a must.
  Jalepeno Cheese Filled Soft Pretzel.  I love Jalepeno and cheese so this is right up my alley
   Dinner at the Blue Bayou.  It’s gorgeous!  The drinks glow!  I would love to get a mint julep in a glow cube cup and share the famed Monte Cristo Sandwitch with my sweets.  
.   Pommes Frites and Beignets from Café Orleans
  A Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar
   Mickey Shaped Waffles
   Lemon Bumblebee Cupcake from Hungry Bear Restaurant
   Dinner at Flo’s V-8 Café when all the neons are lit
An ice cream bar from Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream
  Sundae from Ghirardelli Soda Fountain

We also got to eat in Downtown Disney a few times.  One night we got pretzel bites and a pretzel pizza thing from Wetzels Pretzels.  It was the perfect sharable snack to take back to our room after a long day in the parks.
Outdoor seating area at Tortilla Joe's
We also at at Tortilla Joe's Taqueria twice.  This is an area that reminds me of Chipotle with a few options for taco's or burrito's, meat choices, toppings etc.  There is mostly outdoor seating and no waiters/waitresses.  We ate her one morning for breakfast and one evening for dinner.  Both times were really good and affordable.
The last morning we were in Anaheim we wandered over to Earl of Sandwich and ate breakfast.  Again is was good and affordable.  Next time I will plan on eating lunch or dinner there since the sandwiches look amazing and are a really good value.

Since I am sure there will be another trip to DLR in the future I know what things I must have again and what things I still really want to try.  A longer trip or a bigger stomach may be in order!

You can find menu’s and prices at AllEars.Net


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