Happy Fall

Well Happy Fall for everyone who doesn't live in Phoenix anyway! It's still in the 90's here which doesn't feel too much like fall to me. If it wasn't for the Pumkins and tons of Christmas decorations in the store I might think it was still May.

In any case we are trying to get into the Halloween Spirit this week so above is the first Halloweeny photo of the week for you to enjoy. Surprisingly a pretty good shot of my kiddos in the pumpkin patch. We had a busy weekend that involved a carnival, a BBQ, and Boo! at the Zoo.

Friday we went to dinner and drove by a little carnival and decided to stop. There wasn't much to it but the kids (and I) rode the super slide twice, the kids roller coaster, the little train, and the airplanes. It took a while but Jay and I talked Adia into riding on a bigger ride. All it did was go around in circles really fast and once it was all over with she had decided she liked it! Jay rode it with her and it seemed they had fun. I decided I don't particularly like the super slide, it's not the same as it was when you're a kid. Landon was all gung ho about going on it but once we got up there and I was ready to put him on my lap he looked down the slide and said, I don't think I want to go now! Too late! We ended up going down twice and then I was done!

Saturday Adia had her eyes checked and she is going to need glasses. The Dr. said that right now we can get away without them since she would need such a low perscription but we have to go back in 6 months to a year. She also said that her eyes will get progressively worse and she will probably have to wear glasses the rest of her life. She was actually disappointed that she wasn't getting them and I was relieved! I am not sure if she is ready to handle the responsibility of taking care of and keeping track of glasses yet.

We went to a BBQ at my moms house on Saturday night. It was nice to see my family and my grandma was there too. Good food as usual. Jay was at the ASU game, Pete and Cody were at the Coyotes game, and Luke was working so it was just me and the kids hanging out with my mom. I now know where I got my weirdness from and realized that my kids posess it too....

See look at these weirdos!

My mom took the kids and I critter hunting with the black light. Which means she took us to look for scorpions in her back yard so she could spray the shit out of them with some kind of bug killer. It was hilarious, Landon kept saying I am so freaked out, and Adia ran through the yard screaming after being shown a scorpion glowing in the black light. Then there is me wearing flip flops, curling my toes in so that nothing can get me. Oh what a bunch of weiners we are!
The kids and I tried to watch Ghostbusters on Saturday night but we all fell asleep in the living room. The last thing I remember thinking was man that monster thing looks like a piece of flying poop and damn that animation sucks!

Sunday we went to Boo! at the Zoo. We brought Cody along and had a great morning. By 12:30 it was too hot though so we headed out early. They had lots of Halloween activites and freebies along with a character parade that the kids loved. We got some great pictures while we were there. I especially love the one of them in the little pumpkin patch and this on of them in the giant clam. We did have two head injuries though, Adia bonked her head on a cement kangaroo snout, and Landon bonked his on a cement turtle shell! They both survived though and were able to brush the goats. I swear those stinky ass goats are always a hit. We don't even need to see any other animals while we are there, just go straight to the petting zoo, ride the tractors and go home. If I did that it sure would save me a heck of a lot of walking!
All in all it was a good weekend. I got nothing done but it was well worth it to just hang out and have fun with my kids. Next weekend is Halloween and the JDRF walk so again it will be busy.
I also started a new Myspace page which is dedicated soley to crafty items I have for sale.
I have also been assigned ANOTHER Disney swap partner! 3rd times a charm? This partner sounds promising as she has been sending me messages and has been asking me questions about what I like and such. So anyways, fingers crossed....
I will be back tomorrow with another Halloweeny photo for you to enjoy!

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