Mmmmmm Bacon.....

I will be the first to admit that I have very strange love of all things piggy. I don't mean like I like to collect pigs I mean I like to EAT pigs! I love ham, pork chops, pork ribs, but I especially love Bacon. I love to go to a breakfast buffet so I can eat lots of Bacon. Since I don't eat much else that is offered in places like that I have to eat my $15 worth in Bacon. I hate that my kids are getting older and like to eat Bacon cause that means there is less for me to eat. I DO NOT LIKE TO SHARE BACON!!!!!!!!! I am such a weirdo I know. For some strange reason Allen gets it, he understands about me and Bacon.

So everyone who reads this thing (which there aren't many of you I know) knows that I craft and participate in craft swaps. In my chocoholic swap I requested that my partner try to make me a Bacon pillow. I want a little pillow shaped like a strip of Bacon. (Again weird I know) If she doesn't make me one I am going ot sew one myself. I feel as if my bed and or desk will not be complete without a Bacon pillow to adorn it.

Now all of this Bacony talk does have a point. I would like to share with you some Bacon products that are quite unique. Some of them I would like to have and some are just plain weird. So here we go!

This is the bacon wallet! I wonder if it is bacon scented? Not sure if I would actually use this but I wouldn't mind having it for display purposes. I think it pretty much rocks.

Here we have the Bacon air freshner! I know I wouldn't want this in my own car cause it would seriously just make me hungry all the time. Or maybe it would make me want to throw up? Who knows. I do know that if anyone ever pissed me off I would love to stick one of these suckers under their seat and give them a nice surprise. I think it would be especially nice in the summer here in Arizona! This one sorta rocks only based on it's practical joke/paybacks a bitch potential.

This lunchbox is a wonder to behold and I think that Miss Adia will be carrying this to school next year and be the envy of all her friends. Or maybe I could get one and start the next fashion trend in Phoenix nightlife? Maybe I could actually weave REAL Bacon into a purse and that way if I get hungry I will always have a snack ready????? This rocks.

Ever get stuck and just don't know what to do? Well then you need the handy dandy What Would Bacon Do? Card. Just flick the strip pointer and get real world advice for every situation! Oink Oink!

Now Strawberry flavored gummy Bacon. Interesting, very very interesting. I think that because it looks like Bacon that no matter what it is flavored with my mind is going to make it taste like Bacon. So then it is going to taste like strawberry Bacon and then Bacon might be ruined for me forever. I really do think it would have just been better off being Bacon flavored Bacon don't you?

More Bacon candy but this one is acually a real Bacon candy bar. Now who in the hell would have thought to combine chocolate and Bacon. I know that these are both pretty wonderful things all on their own but together? And I thought I was weird. I am just not so sure and since I don't particularly like to try new things I don't think I will ever find out. There is only one word to describe this and it isn't exotic, it's gross.

Breakfast food felt finger puppets. I NEED to have these. Seriously how cute are these suckers????? These ROCK ROCK ROCK!

Bacon Angel Ornaments! My Christmas tree will be nakey without them. I don't want the fatty one in the middle though. My tree and I only like the lean Bacon. These definitely rock too!

Last but not least are Bacon Band-Aides. These aren't your normal bandages. I think I may go out of my way to cut my fingers just so that I can sport one of these babies for a few days! The only complaint I have is that they are raw. They would be so much better if they cooked Bacon bandages.

Now I would like to thank Archie McPhee http://www.mcphee.com/ for introducing to most of these yummy products and two random Flickr pictures that showed us that you can make Bacon if only you have the right materials.

Now to find some amusment out of my kids being silly

Because yes I do actually love my kids more than Bacon (but it's pretty close)

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Tiffany said...

Bacon is SO YUMMY! This is a great dedication to all things bacon! love it!


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