Happy Halloween

I am not sure why I find these pumkins puking pictures so funny but I do!

I can't believe it is already Halloween, before you know it Christmas will be here. I am dreading Christmas. I always get so stressed out! Ok lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet.....

The kids and I, well actually Adia and I carved our pumpkins last night. Landon refused to stick his hand in and pull out the pumpkin guts! Adia hand drew the face on her pumpkin and did most of the carving herself. Hers turned out so good. I used a pattern to do mine! Thank you Grandma for bringing us the pumpkins and they will be displayed in front of her house tonight (since we don't ever stay home)

I seriously cannot believe that anyone would do this to their dog! I mean some of these are pretty funny but I do have a hard time believing that any dog would actually wear any of these for any amount of time. Especially the princess one! A hot dog, a taco dog! I think it would be funny to dress a dog or cat up as an egg roll (LOL get it??)

Doggie costumes brought to us by http://www.glamourdog.com/costumes.html

There is a picture of me as a young one dressed up as Tweety Bird for Halloween. I don't remember it so I must have only been 2 or 3 but it was one of those plastic masks and smocks. What crappy costumes! I now know why kids all used to dress up in homemade costumes back then cause those were way better than anything that could be bought. I don't get why the smocks all just have a picture of the character?? Why not make it look like part of the characters wardrobe? Probably cause then no one would ever be able to figure out who the hell you are supposed to be! I mean seriously who would know that the following mask is supposed to be Scott Baio as Chachi??

Shouldn't the Flipper and Jaws smocks be blue or something? The eye holes on Jaws hmmmm..
Who the hell wants to be a Rubiks Cube? Was this really cool at some point?
Ok this just freaks me out for some reason! It just doesn't look right.
All the face masks are creepy with the blank staring eyes. I am not sure if they would look any better with someone actually wearing them. Kinda reminds me of Michael Meyers.......
Speaking of Michael Meyers, the Halloween series is my favorite horror series. It combines lots of suspense with just the right amount of blood and guts. www.halloweenmovies.com/ Unlike todays supposed horror movies they don't seem to go for the shock or gross out factor as much. I can't even stand to watch the crap they call scary anymore. It's just not scary, suspense scares me, moody music (such as the Halloween music) letting you know something is about to happen scares me, realistic situations scare me way more than some random "monster" chopping peoples heads off. Nothing gets my heart beating a little harder than that anticipation of what's going to happen next....
Also there is no plot to todays horror movies, they almost remind me of porn in that way. The story is just an after thought! Hey maybe I should write a horror porn movie??? Sex, gore, and crap plot? It would be easy money!
Here are a few sites that have pictures of ghosts, not sure what's real and what's fake but still fun to look at. Especially today..
Have a spooky day!

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