Holy Goats and Real Deep Moats

Whew I am a poet! I really am in awe of that title....

So I seriously HATE being sick. Especially on a beautiful Christopher Columbus day like today. I am not sure what is wrong but I feel like crap today. Oh and I hate that Jay and kids get to stay home for Columbus day but I don't. I will be pouting now..........

So today I wanna give a run down of my past week for you all to live vicariously through me. Please try not to be jealous.
I got to go the Cardinals football game on 10/05 and had lots o beer drinking, stadium food eating, cheering fun. The Cardinals won and are doing pretty decent so far this season. Wow I guess there is a first time for everything. I love dressing up in my pink and white Cardinals clothes and showing some support for the home team (except when they play the Cowboys) Is it weird that even when supporting a manly man sport I have to wear a pink jersey and a pink/white/sparkly hat? Don't answer that cause really I don't care.
Back to football, WTF happened to the V families beloved Cowboys yesterday? They played the Cardinals and it was a great game but how can they have lost??? We were both disappointed that we weren't actually going to the game since tickets cost lots of moola we don't have but I am ACTUALLY glad that we weren't there. Did not have to face the walk of shame in the parking lot......
We hung out with my baby brother, made snacks, watched the game and I crafted. It was a very nice day, other than the stupid Cowboys losing. Dumbass Tony Romo who is now out for a month cause he broke his pinky.

So I made some homemade soft pretzels that turned out soooo good. Super easy too. I got the receipe from Kraft's website but can't seem to locate it now. If any one is interested in the recipe look it up there.
Another great recipe website I have found is http://www.thecookingguy.com/ I can't watch his show cause he is annoying but some of the recipes look super good. If I make any of them I will give a review. What I really like is that he uses regular stuff you can find in any grocery store, rather than things I can't find anywhere.

Another highlight to my week was going to Rockband Live on Wednesday night. There were so many tweens and teens it made me feel old but I really do like the music. I got to see Plain White T's, Dashboard Confessional, and for the second time this year Panic! at the Disco. Jay stood in line for a while and got me a poster signed by all the members of Plain White T's, so sweet. Poor Jay stayed for the whole show even though I know he was not liking it! Definitely not his type of music. I found that I REALLY enjoyed Dashboard Confessional and would like to download some stuff by him and check it out further. I was disappointed with Panic as it seems that they sang a lot of songs off their first album. I did like the first album and I think it was probably more popular but their second album Pretty Odd has such a great sound and shows how much they have matured (for only being 21) as artists. I hope they don't give up on their new stuff so easily.

A disappointment for me....
Jay and I recorded We are Marshall (sad story) watched it on Saturday night and found that the last 10-15 minutes of the mother trucking movie didn't record GOD DAMMIT

Oh and I watched TMNT with Lando yesterday and Raphael said and I quote "we gotta get the SHELL outta here" OMG OMG OMG he said SHELL.

I am so going to start saying shell instead of hell so don't be surprised when this is added into the dictionary of lindyisims alongside "moobies"

Swap Update:
Jar of Whimsies- Sent on Friday
Chocoholics-Sent on Friday and according to tracking info is in its destination city
OTDT- Sent on Friday, cross your fingers it is not held up in customs, my partner has sent to me also
12 Days of Christmas-Supplies ordered, one item completed, one started, shopping for one more thing...
I am super excited for this swap. I can't wait to get my supplies and really get to crafting.

So for today I recommend that you:::::::::
Check out Dashboard Confessional, The Hush Sound, Foxboro Hot Tubs, and Pretty Odd by Panic at the Disco
I also suggest you make yourself some snacks and check out Sam the Cooking Guys website for some good ideas

Damn I can't belive it's going to Christmas.....Better start shopping or I am going to be in trouble. How does this happen every year???

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