Foodie Friday-Chicken Fajita's

Once again one of my favorite cooking blogs Mel's Kitchen Cafe has come through with one of the best recipes!  I love fajitas and used to ALWAYS order them when I went to eat a Mexican place.  I tried and tried but could never replicate the restaurant taste at home.  These don't taste like restaurant fajitas either, they actually taste better than some I have paid $15 for! 

The meat is so flavorful it would be good all on it's own.  The list of ingredients looks REALLY long but I had everything except the liquid smoke already in my pantry.  I also thought that using Soy Sauce in a Mexican dish was a little odd but it all works out.

I followed the marinade recipe to a T but I didn't follow the fajita part of the recipe.  I used some chicken broth and water to caramelize the onions and soften the bell peppers.  I didn't put any other seasonings/sauces in with it.  We used whole grain tortillas with a bit of cheese, salsa, meat, and the onion/pepper mix to make some world class fajitas at home.

You can find the original recipe for Mel's Best Chicken Fajitas here.

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