Foodie Friday-Garlic Parmesan Pull Apart Bread

I am a bread lover!  I have passed this on to my kids too.  I think we could all eat just bread or toast be happy.  I especially love a good garlic bread.  This bread is super easy to make and soooo good!  It's also kind of fun to pull it all apart!

The original recipe is done using a bundt pan but since I don't own one I used my trusty Pyrex dish.  It worked out just fine!  You can't see the bottom layer of bread but those ended up being the favorite pieces.  This bread will definitely make more appearances at our dinner table.

You can find the recipe at The Virtuous Housewife

If you want to see what else I have been cooking check out my I tried these recipes board on Pinterest

1 comment:

LimeRiot said...

Pyrex to the rescue! What would we do without ours?? Looks like great bread!! Mmmmm.


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