Sweat Shop Ornament Swap

I participated in the Sweat Shop Ornament Swap on Craftster.  I made a total of eight ornaments and received eight different ones in return.  These are the eight ornaments that I sent out.

A set of felt houses that I stitched up.  Each house is a different color and has different embellishments.  I purchased the precut house pieces from Pitter Pattery then stitched them up myself.

The second set of four that I made are these cork reindeer ornaments.  Each reindeer is made up of 3 and half corks, ribbon, bows, red noses, and some Christmas colored floral stuff for the antlers.  All the elements are hot glued together with an eye pin screwed to the top so they can be hung.  

I made another set of the felt houses for another swap and plan on making more reindeer and other cork ornaments to give as little extras with my Christmas presents this year.

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