It's about time!

I finally passed my @#*$#) life exam and will soon have a license to sell life insurance. Yay for me!! Now I can go and use the gift card my dad sent me on something special I have been wanting for a while now. Thanks dad!

I haven't been crafting much lately since things on the homefront have been a bit different but I plan on getting back into to things tonight. I have three large projects to finish before Christmas and if I don't get going now they will never get done!

Speaking of Christmas I am at a loss here for good gift ideas for Adia. She is asking for dolls and such but she never plays with them so it's like throwing money away. She is getting a Nintendo DS but she is getting it from my ex and I can't very well give her games for something that she hasn't received yet ( she will be opening presents with me before she does with them) I was going to get her some Webkinz but we don't have a computer at home anymore so that won't work. Maybe some Wii games?? I am sure I will figure it out before the time comes. Seems like it gets harder every year to shop.

I am still swapping, just decided to slow down for the holidays. I am currently doing an ornament swap, 12 Days of Christmas swap, and another altered Altiods tin swap. I haven't worked on any of them for the past week. I need to get in gear since I need to send out the 12 Days swap on December 1st. Thankfully that one is almost finished. I am seriously stumped on what to do for the ornament swap, none of the ones I have made so far are very good in my opinion. Oh well that is another one I am sure I will figure out if only I could get motivated!

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