She's so crafty

I am doing a personal swap for my very own whimsy book! My partner's only request from me was some resin pieces and whatever else I could come up with. Well she likes zombies, so I made a small set of zombie inchies...
I have been wanting to make a suncatcher and these pink beads and giant pink glass bead caught my eye. If I had a window in which to hang one, I would make one for myself.

Here is one of the resin pendants I did. I used watercolors to give it an unconventional look. I am in love with watercolors lately.

She had a shrink plastic robot necklace on her wist. Mine doesn't look exactly the same as the wist (which is a good thing) but is still pretty darn cute. I only wish I had made the heart red to stand out a bit more.

Last but not least is an altered altoid tin to hold all the goodies. It's a felt appliqued monster. He started out as an embroider pattern but I thought he would look much cuter like this in all his felty glory! I think he is one of my favorite things I have done. I almost want to keep him all to myself but eh I suppose I can my another for myself. (as if I ever make things for myself LOL)

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