More Stenciled shirts

These are some stenciled items I made for the Ongoing Wish Swap.
This was my second attempt at a ship. The first one bled all over and looked like a weird foggy ghost ship thing.
Ha rock, paper, scissors!
This stencil was a pain in the butt to cut out and I totally painted a space in the rock that I shouldn't have. Ooops!
Here is a funny saying that my partner liked. Again I did an oops that I didn't even realize until after I sent it. I didn't fill in the bridge on the A in example. I apologized to my partner but she said she didn't even notice it. I don't understand how I miss these things! It's not like I ever rush through my projects. I am blaming it on my kids distracting me.
And finally a random octopi that I did more of a negative effect on and he is meant to be a wall hanging. He's probably one of my favorite stenciled projects cause it's just a little be different.


Is it a Swallow or a Sparrow?

I don't know which it is but I know I LOVE it! I was very inspired by the Sailor Jerry images and so I asked my wonderful artist friend Kristin to draw this up so I could stencil it on a shirt. Well she drew it up and I looked at it was too intimidated to cut it out for fear of messing it up.

Kristin has now been showing me up with her freezer paper stenciled creations that she went ahead and cut the stencil out for me. I painted it on using fabric paint and she touched it up since she has a much steadier hand than I! I love how the paint is thin in some spots letting the gray show through giving it a worn look. I love this so much I am afraid to wear it now!!!

Thank you Kristin for lending your artistic skills to this for me. Oh who am I kididng thank you Kristin for doing this for me!


If you live in the Phoenix area and are in need of some custom car work check out my BFF's husband. He does custom paint and custom body work.
You can check out photos of his work at http://ifitsgotwheels.com

Maybe if you all give him some business he will fix my door handles *hint hint*


Mmmm Breakfast Pinwheels

I made these as a Sunday morning breakfast treat last weekend. They are a super easy, super tasty version of a cinnamon roll. I got the recipe from Bettycrocker.com but I omitted the walnuts and currants that are called for in the orginal recipe. What the heck are currants anyway??

First I mixed up the dough and rolled it out. Then I covered it with butter, cinnamon, and sugar.

Then I rolled the dough and cut into slices.

I baked the swirls and then drenched them in the glaze. Mine didn't brown up too well in the oven but still tasted just fine!


2 1/4 cup Bisquick
1/2 cup milk
1 Tbsp butter or margerine softened
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts
1/2 cup dried currants
1 Tbsp butter melted
3/4 cup powdered sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla
1 Tbsp milk
Heat oven to 400F. Line cookie sheet with parchment or waxed paper.
In medium bowl stir Bisquick and milk until soft dough forms
Place dough on surface sprinkled with more mix
Knead 5 times and roll into an 11X18 inch rectangle (or as close as you can get to a rectangle like mine)
Mix cinnamon, sugar, walnuts and currants in a small bowl
Spread dough with softened butter and sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar mix
Roll up dough tightly, seal edge
Cut into slices
Brush slices with melted butter
Bake 8-10 minutes
Let cool 10 minutes
Meanwhile in small bowl mix glaze ingredients adding milk 1 tsp at a time until glaze is thin enough to drizzle.
Drizzle glaze over cooled pinwheels


Steampunk Heart

I made this steampunk inspired necklace with watch bits, some random metal scrapbooking stuff, and metallic confetti peices. I used resin to make the heart shape. I used a silicone muffin cup as the mold and I loved it!

Here it is with the chain. Looking at it now I wish I had not used a silvertone chain....
This was made for a partner in the Random swap and was based off an item on her wist.


Wish I Wasn't a Muggle

I love Harry Potter. The books are one of my favorite series and ones that I could read over and over again. Well actually that I HAVE read over and over again. The magical world Harry and his friends live in is truly magical and has opened my imagination time and time again.

I got the idea for this pendant for a friends birthday and decided to also make one for a partner in a swap. I purchased dollhouse sized Harry books, poked a hole in them, sealed them and added a jump ring. Each person received a pendant made from their favorite book in the series. They both also got a pair of golden snitch earrings which I have seen around on peoples wists and Etsy.


Scary Stuff for a Mom

My Sunday started out with me being tired and a bit cranky from staying up until 2 AM the night before for Ryan's surprise birthday party. My kids were with their dad and were supposed to get dropped off to me at 3PM. Adia called around 10:30 and said she wanted to come home cause her tummy hurt. No biggie. She comes home and I give her some Tums and sprite and tell her to lay in bed and relax a bit. Well the tummy ache doesn't go away. I of course am getting anxious. I am not sure if this is a bug, she's constipated, gas, or something a bit more serious. I am thinking it can't be anything serious or she would be in A LOT of pain. Like crying and curled up in a ball pain.

Around 5:30 she is still complaining that her stomach hurts. I asked her to lay down and show me where on her tummy it hurt. She pointed to the right side. I asked if it hurt anywhere else and she said no. Uh Oh! I am still unsure of what to do. I don't want to sit in the ER for 6-8 hours on top of the ridiculous co-pay and be told it's nothing but what if it really is something??

I decided to call my dad who is a nurse for some advice. He tells me that if I am concerned enough to call him then I should take her in. Better safe than sorry and if it is something and it gets worse I am going to end up in the ER with her anyway. Better now than at 3AM.
I call her dad and drop Lando off to him to stay the night cause there is NO WAY I am taking him to the ER to sit. Ryan, Adia, and I then head up to the hospital.
Things have changed at bit in this ER since I have last been there (with Adia 8 years ago). They now have a pediatric ER that is totally set up for kids. We didn't have to sit in a waiting area with a bunch of sick adults. In fact we didn't have to sit in a waiting area at all. We were in a room immediately and seen by a Dr within 45 minutes of being there.
After the Dr. examined Adia he said he didn't think it was her appendix since there was no vomiting or diarrhea and she didn't seem to be in a ton of pain. He said the only way to know for sure is to do a CT scan which would take about 4 hours total.
Adia got to meet with Desiree who is a "hospital friend" and explained everything about getting an IV and a CT scan done. She showed her pictures of the machines and some of the things used for IV's. She also stayed with Adia while she got her IV put in.

I sent Ryan home at this point and they scheduled a CT scan for 10:30 that night. Adia had to drink some special "lemonade" and she got her IV line hooked up. We were done with the CT scan by midnight and then we had to wait for the results.
Just as I was about to give Adia a sip of water since she was dying of thirst the nurse came in and said that she had appendicitis and the appendix had to come out. She wrote up her report, Adia was admitted to the hospital and we were taken to the pediatric unit. It's now 2:30 AM, neither Adia or I has slept and we are exhausted.
Once we were in our room we were told that the surgery would be scheduled for sometime tomorrow and we would be contacted. And we were contacted at about 7:30 AM and surgery was scheduled.
Adia was pretty out of it for most of the day since they had her on some pain killers. She wasn't even worried about surgery. She got to color and watch movies. She was visited by a cute dog named Elvis. The only thing she wanted was a drink which of course she couldn't have.

Visiting with Elvis before surgery
We got brought up to the OR around 2:00 PM and Adia was prepped for surgery. She did good until it was time to be wheeled back. She started crying which got me started crying. Luckily the hospital has a program where another of Adia's "hospital friends" Anne got to actually go into the OR with her until she was put under.
Anne met with Adia in the pediatric unit and talked to her about everything that was going to happen before the surgery and what to expect after the surgery. She brought Adia crafts and sat with us before Adia actually went into surgery. She and Desiree were both great!
Her surgery was done with a scope and everything went really well. She was really confused when she woke up the first time and she actually doesn't even remember it. We spent another night in the hospital where neither of us got any sleep again.

On Tuesday Adia was doing well, she could walk around a bit, was taking in fluids, and eating a bit so we got sent home. I was glad to be out of the hospital but I know she enjoyed all the attention!

It's now Thursday and she's 95% better. I am shocked at how fast she has bounced back. I know I am glad we are all sleeping in our own beds and that Adia is okay. Even though it was a minor surgery, and surgery on your child is going to be a scary situation. I don't want to have to go through this again.


Crafty Godmother Book

This is a Godmother book I made for my partner in the Random Swap. She had a Godmother book on her wist and since I didn't want to copy it I made mine Crafty Godmothers. I have been wanting to make an altered board book for a while so this was perfect project for me. I was a bit apprehensive though since I haven't done any major paper crafting for a while.

This is the Godmother of Inspiration. I aged the pages a bit by rubbing them down with sandpaper.

This is the Godmother of Sequins, Seed Beads, and Glitter. She is blowing sequins and bits of glitter off her hand. This seems to be everyone's favorite page thus far.

Godmother of Lost Needles. You can't tell in the photo but she is holding a needle and thread in her hand.

Godmother of Measure Twice, Cut Once. I love the pink measuring tape along the bottom.

Godmother of Thimbles. This is my least favorite page. I had a hard time finding the right pictures of vintage thimbles....

Godmother of Bobbins and Thread. I love the color scheme of this page.

The final page is the Godmother of Craftiness. She wasn't with me on this one as I made a typo I didn't notice before I sent. Ooops!
I hope you enjoy these Godmothers and that they are with you during all your crafty pursuits!


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