Almost 6 weeks

I quit smoking almost 6 weeks ago!!!!! I NEVER thought I would quit. I used every excuse in the book not to quit. My arguments were
1. I enjoy smoking
2. Quitting is too hard
3. Even if I try to quit I can't so why bother
4. I am not hurting anyone by smoking
5. All my friends smoke
The list could go on and on and on. Now that I have finally quit I realized that
1. I didn't really enjoy it, it was a habit. Who actually enjoys stinking like an ashtray? Coughing? Stopping whatever I am doing just to have a smoke?
2. It was hard to quit but the satisfaction of knowing that I did it is even sweeter than that after dinner smoke!
3. I can do it and I have done it. It took will power but I overcame. I know that I will still have struggles but if I have come this far I can continue on.
4. I was hurting myself and my kids! I didn't smoke in my house or car but my kids were subjected to secondhand smoke everytime they were outside with me. I took time away from to go smoke, I took money away from them to buy cigarettes. I was hurting them and didn't even care!!!
5. Most of my friends still smoke and it gets easier everytime I see them to not want to smoke with them. It also helps that I know they support me and wouldn't let me smoke even if I asked them to!
I am proud of myself and am more than ready to start living my life as a non smoker!!!!


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Brook said...

yay for not smoking!


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