100 Things About Me

I did the 100 things about me swap and received and amazing package from Pupper. A few of the things I made for her are here. She likes creepy things. This was stepping out of the box for me cause I am not into so much creepy! On her wist she had a doll parts coat hanger. I decided to step it up a bit and add some creepy doll heads. Let me tell you I was glad to get this boxed up and off my counter! Even though it isn't my style I still really like the way it turned out.
Her fave colors are red and black, hence the color scheme. Her fave movie is Rocky Horror Picture Show which is why we have the RHPS lips on a necklace. There is also a skully cell phone charm and a Zombie finger puppet.
Her favorite word is Superb, so it had to go on a stenciled shirt for her. The U and P kind of ran together a bit. I used opaque paint for some reason and really had to use a lot which is probably why. I am going to throw all the opaque paints away or give them to Adia so I am not tempted to use them again in the future...
Not pictured is a cassette tape wallet, a few glass tile magnets, a small jar of whimsies, and some extras.

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Allen said...

I'm diggin' the RHPS lips necklace, nice work!


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