Friday Fix-Idea Organization

I find so many different wonderful ideas that I want to try on blogs and craftster. These ideas range from crafts to recipes to decorating ideas. I have found tons of different printables thanks to fellow bloggers. It all very inspirational but a bit hard to keep track of.

I do a few different things to try to keep track of things I have printed, stencils, ideas, recipes, etc. My computer is of course the most help. I use my scanner to scan in neat or one of kind ephemera before I use it so that if I want I can reprint it later for another project. I save all these pictures along with stencils, tutorials, and ideas in folders on my computer.

I print out recipes and try to remember to include the link on the print out (so when I share here I can link back!) and I file the recipes in a three ring binder. If it turns out good it's kept if not it's easy to toss.

I also have a three ring binder where I store printed patterns, stencils, and pictures. It's easy to locate what I want when it's all in one spot and I can just flip through the pages.

What do you do to keep your crafty ideas organized???

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