Pick Your Plum

I seriously adore this website.  I am not sure how I stumbled across it but I am glad I did.  They have great deals on all kinds of craft supplies and items.  They also provide some crafty inspiration. 
Everyday I get an email with their deal of the day.  The three kits I have pictured below were all under $7 and that includes the shipping!
Here are a few of the things I have ordered:
A 2 sets of metal leaves to make earrings.  The earwires and jump rings were included too!

 Skeleton Keys.  There was also a small silver one but it was used before this photo was taken

 A pendant set.  The little squares are each a blank canvas just waiting for glitter, resin, or something! 

I have also ordered a personalized stamp and a set of rings and resin flowers that I am waiting to arrive. 
You gotta hurry though, all their quantities are limited!

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LimeRiot said...

Oh no!! Another craft shop that I must buy from :)! Great tip, Lindy!


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