Christmas Tree Shirt

This shirt was made for the Ongoing Holiday Wish Swap.  It's a ribbon Christmas tree!  Love the way this turned out and have made another one for another swap already.


Manic Monday

Kids hanging with Gramps at the zoo



These six pairs of earrings were made for a partner in the Ongoing Holiday Wish Swap.  My favorite pair are the blue ones in the first photo.  I want to make a pair for myself but I am not sure that I have any more of the silver beads.....

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving and fun Black Friday!


Manic Monday

First Trip to the State Fair and they were all Winners!


Friday Fix-Homemade Wipes

I don't have a photo for this post since it would basically be a picture of a tupperware filled with paper towels.  I am sure you can use your imagination to picture what that looks like!  I wish when I was younger I would have be more into taking care of my skin.  Now I remove my make-up at night and use lots of different face creams and sunblock everyday.  (If you need some great day/night stuff go shop my Avon store)  I like to use makeup remover wipes at night but man they are expensive!  So thanks to White House, Black Shutters I can now make my own!  Depending on what you put in here you can use these as make up remover wipes, baby wipes, or cleaning wipes.  To make the makeup remover wipes you will need:

1 Roll of Bounty Select a Size Paper Towels
2 Cups Water
2 tsp Coconut Oil (I got mine at Sprouts)
2 Squirts of you favorite facial cleanser
A Container

First you cut your roll of paper towels in half
In a bowl mix water, coconut oil, and cleanser
Place paper towels in container, pour the mixture over them
Put the lid on and turn upside down for at least five minutes
After five minutes, turn right side up, pull out the cardboard roll in the middle, then pull your first wipe up from the middle.

These work so well and keep my skin so nice and soft.  It's a win win!  Saving money and getting wipes that contain no harsh chemicals :) 

Visit White House, Black Shutters for the recipes for baby wipes and cleaning wipes.


Day of the Dead Hoopla

This was made for the Ongoing Wish swap and was VERY hard to send away.  Luckily I bought the pattern from Urban Threads and can make another for myself.  I used a running stitch for the majority of the peice.  There are a few places that have some satin stitching.  I wouldn't change anything about this one!  Love the colors and stitches.


Manic Monday

First picture of me and both my parents in about 27 years


Pick Your Plum

I seriously adore this website.  I am not sure how I stumbled across it but I am glad I did.  They have great deals on all kinds of craft supplies and items.  They also provide some crafty inspiration. 
Everyday I get an email with their deal of the day.  The three kits I have pictured below were all under $7 and that includes the shipping!
Here are a few of the things I have ordered:
A 2 sets of metal leaves to make earrings.  The earwires and jump rings were included too!

 Skeleton Keys.  There was also a small silver one but it was used before this photo was taken

 A pendant set.  The little squares are each a blank canvas just waiting for glitter, resin, or something! 

I have also ordered a personalized stamp and a set of rings and resin flowers that I am waiting to arrive. 
You gotta hurry though, all their quantities are limited!



Bugs and Hisses

These were little gift bags that I filled with "Bugs and Hisses" for my kiddo's teachers.  I stamped the tags and used double sided tape for the ribbon.  I forgot about putting these together until Monday morning so it was a rush job!  They are filled with Hershey's Hugs and Kisses.  Super cute and easy Halloween gift for neighbors or teachers.

Orginal Inspiration from The Autocrat who's are much fancier than mine!


Halloween 2011

Yesterday we did a flashback to Halloween 2010.  Well last night I had a super cute pirate and Darth Vader.  Little miss insited on wearing my boots and her feet were pretty sore from walking around in heels! 
Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!!!


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