Valentines Day Jewelry

I joined the Sweet & Easy Valentines Swap and was paired with a partner from Ireland.  She said she preferred to receive more useful things rather than knicknacks.  So of course I had to make some jewelry!  I wanted it to be wearable year long so I didn't make it to "Valentiney"  I did choose to use some traditional colors though.
This bracelet was inspired by a new jewelry line called Shortcuts that I saw at Michaels.  You buy the bracelets and necklaces then can buy tons of different interchangeable attachments to personalize your look.  I purchased the leather bracelet but made my own attachment with beads and an ice cream sundae charm.

Next up is a set of jewelry featuring a winged heart.  My partner mentioned really liking hearts with wings.

Finally a bracelet and necklace set.  I had intended to only make a bracelet but had some extra charms and decided to make a matching pendant.  This is probably my favorite of the bunch.

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