Wrap Bracelets

I went to a craft show a few weeks ago and saw a booth where a fabulous mother daughter duo had some fantastic jewelry.  I bought a pendant but what really caught my eye were these wrap bracelets.  I didn't buy one at first cause it was a bit spendy but I couldn't stop thinking about them.  Before I left I went back and splurged (it was my bday weekend after all) and I asked her what she made them from since they were just so unique.  Turns out you can buy rubber bracelets that are made from recycled flip flops.  Thousands of flip flops litter the East African coast and cause tons of damage so they are collected and recycled into lots of things.  The vendor didn't want to share her source for buying them which is understandable so I scoured the internet until I found a store I could buy them from.  Using memory wire and other beads and charms here is what I came up with. 

Here is a pile of all of them so far

This is the Love bracelet and features hearts with lots of black, red, and silver beads.

The Make a Wish bracelet and has lots of stars.

Pretty in Pink has a brown and pink color scheme and features lots of little flowers

It Ain't Easy Being Green is an awesome neon color and has a frog charm on one end and dragonfly on the other.

Under the Sea has numerous glass beads and different silver charms that feature sea creatures.  The large charm on the end is a mermaid.

I don't have a name for this one!  The beads vary from silver flowers to some ornate glass beads I had.  The glass beads have a very fine gold line work and pink flowers on them.  On one end I have attached a wire wrapped stone and a silver tree and on the other there are two brass jingle bells.

I know that these are only the first of what is going to turn into a ton of these bracelets.  I have in fact already bought the supplies so I can make a ton more! 

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